Enslaved’s “twist” ending just ends up eating itself.

Sarcastic Gamer examines Enslaved: Odyssey to the West's ending, with huge spoilers and says, WTF?

From the article: "This is going to be a spoilerific discussion of the ending of Enslaved. And I’m not going to be particularly friendly about it. Read on and let’s discuss."

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IRetrouk3287d ago

yeah it was a weak ending.

clank5433287d ago

I would have much preferred just a normal ending to the game without all that Pyramid crap. The slavers should have stayed as an omnipotent, mysterious force in the world. The final battle was awesome against that scorpion thing, though.

Mmmkay3287d ago

the demo was so weak, i might never see this ending....

MrMccormo3287d ago

Games like Enslaved make me feel bad about the games industry. It's an average game hyped up to epic proportions.

Panthers3287d ago

Really, I dont think I heard about this until it was out, and I usually keep up with games. It might have been hyped but not to epic proportions. Not like Halo or KZ3 or anything.

ChronoJoe3287d ago

Off the topic of the ending, the author didn't understand the game at all.

Their are mechs which were left from the war, and their are pyramid mechs. Pyramid mechs are the ones that would take you to slavery, the normal ones are made to kill. So that explains the majority of the game, stuff like the dog - that's a war mech.

I can only assume that the pyramid mechs however, are out to kill you because you are almost always attacking them. At the start you blow up their ship, you attack their military installations...

Although, the game doesn't seem to understand the game difference between mechs and robots... but nevermind.

GamerSigma3287d ago

So now there were "pyramid mechs" and regular mechs???

Uh, okay... Way to just make stuff up.

MysticStrummer3287d ago

Why is that concept so hard to wrap your head around? The game doesn't spell it out that way, but it seems obvious to me and it's clearly possible.

ChronoJoe3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

It does when you go to the slavers camp they specify them as pyramid mechs and when you're in the first area they're specified as mechs left from the war. That's why these ones are left around, deactivated most of the time.

I remember specifically because I didn't know what pyramid was and I was like 'wtf are pyramid mechs? they seem to die the same as the others... anyway' when 'pyramid mechs' were mentioned.

I'm not just making it up. :(

ChronoJoe3287d ago

I mean, when you go to trips camp, and the slavers are there. Sorry. Not the slavers camp.

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Kurisu3287d ago

If you haven't completed Enslaved then do NOT read this article! I'm sure the title is pretty self explanatory, but just wanted to make sure it's not spoiled for anyone.



...I liked the ending a lot! I didn't really think about any of the stuff that has been mentioned.

BillOreilly3287d ago

I really liked it. Great game.

AKS3287d ago

Yeah, same here. Just because it wasn't mind blowingly complex doesn't mean it wasn't a good ending. It was well executed but didn't go overboard with spoonfeeding you everything. You saw the source behind Pyramid and it's up to the viewer to wonder where things go from there. I really appreciated the way they handled it. I'd be happy to see the story pick up in future DLC and hopefully sequels.

AssassinHD3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Any ending that does not involve a slow and painful death for Trip is not an ending worth watching as far as I am concerned.

Disclaimer: I have not played the game yet. The above statement reflects the opinion I adopted after completing the demo. I am not particularly fond of Trip.

MysticStrummer3287d ago

I liked the ending. This article just shows that the writer didn't think about the subject much. The mechs on the slave ship are clearly under control. They hang there on the wall until activated. Obviously Trip and Monkey were captured by those mechs and/or the guard-slaves on the ship. There are other mechs that just roam the wild, killing anything that moves. Those were the mechs that killed the other people in Trip's village, probably. That could have been done by other humans for all we know. The Leviathan was being built by those killer mechs to go and attack Pyramid because that's where a large group of live humans was known to be located. Maybe the killer mechs can still monitor what happens with the mechs that are under Pyramid's control, or maybe they saw the slave ships flying back and forth to Pyramid and figured out what was going on. Trip, Monkey, and Pigsy just stole Leviathan and used it for the same purpose it would have been used for anyway. That's my take on it anyway.

GamerSigma3287d ago

You made a lot of that stuff up. None of that is ever discussed in the game. Ever.

MysticStrummer3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Yeah... but all I'm saying is that the article is jumping on things that could have a logical explanation if you gave it any thought whatsoever. I guess some people need every single little thing spelled out for them.

Elimin83287d ago

You made my brain hurt.

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