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TrevorPhillips3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

This game is going to look even more awesome! :D

Lifendz3289d ago

It's still coming out this Holiday season. So relax guys. This is probably more of a marketing decision at this point.

Oldsnake0073289d ago Show
-Alpha3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

If the game has already gone gold (it hasn't) then the delay is likely a marketing decision, but marketing decisions can be made easily beforehand. This just pisses off fans, especially since this game has been teased since the PS3's launch. They should have never said November if they were doing this for marketing reasons.

I worry that the longer the wait the more critical people may be of some of the flaws that I'm sure exist.
I'm sure that there aren't any major issues with the game, maybe they are polishing some of those road bugs we saw. Since it hasn't gone gold I'm sure that they wouldn't keep people waiting and Sony isn't one to keep a game like GT5 for a more commercial success framerate like at Christmas. There is no reason to delay GT5 for marketing reasons. Black Ops is a totally different market for GT to worry about. I'm certain it's due to with polishing the game, and as a result this is going to piss some people off. I commend those who are still patient, it must take great virtue to wait so long for a game you love. I've gotten upset with LBP1 being delayed by only just 1 day :P

I'm sure that there aren't any major issues with the game, maybe they are polishing some of those road bugs we saw.

Troll_Police3289d ago


What happen to your bubbles man? Did you say you hate Halo or something?

Chubear3289d ago

PD do this with every single GT game especially the first one for a new gen console.

I thought this time they were doing good delaying only once but if history repeats, PD will likely come out and have GT5 out for March next year... then announce for September lol

if this happens, there will be an angry mob.. and I will be one of them

DEA Fresh3289d ago

Less than a month from release and they delay it again. If it's coming for the holiday that only gives it about a 1 month window for the new date. Don't think that's enough time to get any serious polishing or additions done.

Really doubt this has to do with marketing either. GT5 is in it's own class. Not like all the FPS's that have to worry about releasing on top of each other. Can't say I'm surprised by the delay, j/w what the real reason is.

T9X693289d ago

"ChibiMrBubbles | October 13th, 2010 at 7:45 am
SCEA literally delays SOCOM 4, LittleBigPlanet 2, and Gran Turismo 5.
In return? Playstation Move.
Not. Cool."

lol this guy doesn't seem happy.

Cold 20003289d ago Show
commodore643289d ago Show
Dragun6193289d ago

I have to say Sony is way to lenient with it's developers.

Maybe now, Sony can spend more time on advertising & marketing the game.
Waits for Kevin Butler ad for GT5.

-Alpha3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Whoops, ignore my last sentence in my previous comment, I double posted it.

Hm, I just remembered that Socom 4 and LBP2 were also pushed to next year. It's upsetting that Sony does this, I'm sure that they don't intend to piss people off and I know that it's better than having a rushed game, but they need to manage their announcements better.

At least they will have a killer 2011 Q1, but now Q1 is too good. Killzone 3, iNFamous 2, Socom 4, LBP2, holy crap :| I wonder if this is their strategy?

@Troll Police

2 got taken away at once, I must have either been spammed or a mod took me down two bubbles. I'm pretty sure that it was in relation to one specific comment :P IDK why, I'm sure I didn't do anything majorly bad. Oh well, it felt good while it lasted.

The Maxx3289d ago

Really? Only Gears 3?

I am pretty sure the 360 will have a lot of games coming out next year. And plenty exclusives. 1 in particular is Steel Battalion. That right there is my most anticipated game of all time. To me it blows away ANY 360, PS3, Wii or PC game.

That is going to be the ultimate game right there. So I don't care if the PS3 has 1 million awesome PS3 games next WON'T have Steel Battalion, the 1 game I care mostly for.

I am also very excited for Kingdom Under Fire 2. :)

squelchy153289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Those Xbox games you mentioned are still only on a Microsoft platform, so in theory, Microsoft exclusive.

And you mentioned Move...Which isn't a game. If you add Move, add Kinect to your list too.

And who knows whether GT5 is coming out this year?

You fail.


Well, save time and mention Kinect and the games for that then.

Not everyone has the option to play them on PC some people can't afford to have a rig decent enough.

It says 'Games for windows' on top of those games available on PC and Xbox

Games for Windows = Microsoft. Xbox 360 = Microsoft. Get it?

Say MGS: Peace walker was to be released on PS3, I guarantee you would call it PS3 exclusive. Although it's on PSP.


January counts as the Holiday season too ya know?

And not only 'hardcore' games count as exclusive. I am not gonna waste my time looking for 'Hardcore' Kinect games when I couldn't give a monkeys about Kinect.

Besides, I dunno why you feel the need to tell me that you mentioned Time Crisis. I was clearly replying to 'Thecraft' amd his failure to include Kinect into his list.

Jinxstar3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

PS3 owners also get Sly Cooper(I seem to be the only one excited for this though). Move games like Time Crisis. WKC came out this year if your into that. Also Mafia 2 DLC, MOH Frontlines.... I mean it's little things here and there but couple that with Crafts list and the PS3 had a decent year. Yeah a lot of stuff got pushed back sadly Like DC universe, LBP2 etc but I still get to play them all soon and not be hurting to find cash for gifts at Christmas... I guess you can always be an optimist. Also from what I can see GT5 is still this year so...

@ Squelchy

Microsoft makes absolutely no money off of games that are played on PC. The PC is NOT a microsoft platform. Even if you want to play that stupid game Cold specifically talked about the 360 and not "Microsoft platforms" and the games specifically being "360" exclusives not "PC/360".

Oh damn guess what else I just found. Splinter cell Conviction on my Steam account.... Wow. Not a single thing to do with MS.

It says right there "the game’s release will be coming this holiday season." Unless somehow you think that means next year then you fail.

As far as Kinect goes. I only mentioned 1 game for Move that being Time Crisis. If you can find a "Hardcore" game like that for kinect please post it. FYI Skittles is not "Hardcore"

Also heres somewhere you can help educate yourself.

Edit: Every single post can be broken down to bare bones and picked apart like vultures. All he was doing was putting someone who is clearly misinformed in his place.

I know you wont waste your time looking for "Hardcore" kinect games for Christmas because well.... They don't exist... However I was just playing Heavy Rain the other day at my buddies house with move and he has TC in the mail....

I guess if you want to stretch it out then January "Could" be the holiday season but if this is a "marketing" decision as 99% of the posters above have stated where would be the logic in a January release. The game has gone "gold" which means it's being printed on discs as we speak... Yeah they could push it to January but that makes absolutely NO SENSE. Anyone with Common sense would realize it will be December or late November... Unless the factory printing the game burned down or something then logic should set in here... Use some bro.

TruthBTold3289d ago

I know pd is good but who ever they have as a project manager sucks. If this is a marketing move its. One that should have been made from the begining. Christmas was known to be around the corner of the release date when they scheduled this. Still buying but this does not look profesional. Many people are going to be pissed. It better not be for 3d as I don't think the majority of players are going to use it or is the main reason for it. As some one mentioned above, add those later when its ready for those who want it. Give us the main course as that is what the majority of us have been waiting for.

TengkuAmir103289d ago

Crack is good during situations like these, care to join me?

ExplosionSauce3289d ago

It's the FIRST delay for NA/EU.

niceguywii603289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

No he said he liked it and got striped lol Trying to pull that crap that is the complete opposite of what happens here on N4G.

On topic I hope they fix the hideous driving physics/handling/weight/accele ration+d-acceleration/momentum problems

douchedebater3289d ago

Could the quality control be this poor that this game gets delayed again this close to the release date? Perhaps, they were being a bit ambishous the entire time hoping to make the Nov 2 release date and later found out that they weren't going to make it.

It is pretty annoying that this has happened yet again, especially since that game was mention at PS3 launch, and was probably already being worked on even then.

What the hell could the be doing to it now?

frostypants3289d ago

I'm sick of this.

I'm removing this from my "launch day" list. F*ck them

DORMIN3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I can buy Black Ops Nov. then GT5 the next month.

And hey, if the game still needs work done on it, it needs work.
No one wants to get their car back while repairs still need to be done.

If it was delayed until next year, THEN I would be pissed off.

bviperz3289d ago

Even though it's still coming this Holiday (for now) doesn't take away the fact that it sucks for fans who's been waiting all this time. Doesn't take away from the fact that I'm still buying it day one either, but still.

tacosRcool3289d ago

Well this delay gives me time to save up some money. At least it will be this year that it will be released. I would prefer that a quality game came out rather than a game that was rushed to make it by the deadline. GT5 FTW!!

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gamerzBEreal173289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

sorry that its so low it wouldnt let me reply to u

gamerzBEreal173289d ago

@ Cold 2000

splinter cell failed 5 hour story? wtf and its fun for 10 minutes then gets boring

alan wake ...well nobodys talking about that game any more now are they

and halo? didn't 360 have 3 other halo's before 2010?

we have GT5 God of war3 Heavy rain 2010 a new IP a raceing sim (5 years in the makeing) and the ending to a great trilogy....

yea you are so right 360 wins 2010 ... xD

Elimin83289d ago

Man.. Another delay and I'm going over at SONY and demand a copy...

Amiroo3289d ago Show
Amiroo3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Sorry Double Post

Amiroo3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Sorry Double Post

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jjohan353289d ago

What annoys me most about Sony's constant delays is the fact that they're going to release a series of high quality games within a very short time span. Seriously, I want to play a good game for a few months before picking up a new good game. If GT5 is pushed back till December, they're really scrunching it with Socom 4, LBP2, Killzone3, etc. SONY, PLEASE SPREAD OUT THE LOVE.

Domer253289d ago

I feel like I got punched in the gut. Why PD, why?
Epic d1cktease-----Better be released THIS holiday season.

rant over-

Sarcasm3289d ago

I'm a huge supporter of "waiting for Perfection" of GT5. But yes this is downright F*ckin ridiculous.

Dee_913289d ago

im calm


Rush3288d ago

Forza 3 developers where certainly right when they said there game would be the best racing sim this year lol...

Aquanox3288d ago

These guys better release the game this year or all hype will get lost.

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SIX3289d ago

Hides under table. Brace for sh!tstorm.

IMChampion3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

EDIT: double post, sorry

squallheart3289d ago

has anyone even realized that this is the first delay¿ They never did announce a release date until the said november 2nd. The other dates were rumoured by random sites.

In a way this is good news for me my wallet has been raped ;-; Whoever said ps3 doesnt have games Cold your a blind fanboy. I already spent a lot of cash on yakuza, white knight, god of war, heavy rain, uncharted, alterier rorona and theres three other titles i want.

moparful993289d ago

Something tells me that this has something to do with the relatively low north american preorders which stems from such a heavy release schedule this month and next.. They are probably trying to make room for the god of war psp bundle and ghost of sparta to be succesful as well.. Hmm this is disheartening yet relief at the same time... I really want this game now but at the same time I'm going broke buying all of these awesome games... Bittersweet.

zeddy3289d ago

atleast give us one of them demos for the mean time and by demo i mean free. dam i had release day penciled in hard.

Sarcasm3289d ago

Grabs SIX's teddy bear and tears head off.

I feel better. No, not really.

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cyborg3289d ago

and I am not kidding :'(

otherZinc3289d ago

Gets POPCORN ready..................

ABizzel13289d ago


That's it, I've had it. I'm going to wait until December, but if they delay it again I'll wait, but I won't be a happy camper.

Just release it as long as it's not buggy or anything. Make some of the content FREE DLC if it all can't fit on the disc.

Jamegohanssj53289d ago

WHAT THE FUCK! Oh wait, I'll be playing Smackdown lol.


chazjamie3289d ago

lmao.....thats on the money. i wont be playing that though. even though my friend will force me to make me a guy. i am going to make him gay this year. how you ask, i am going to him look all bad ass, but his intro song is going to be the mmmbop song. and the dude be dancing like the black dudes on wwe. its going to be funny.

Jamegohanssj53289d ago

I fricking lol'ed. I believe and hope it's going to be fun this year.


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DigitalAnalog3289d ago

Your point makes no sense. GT5 would have gotten the sales 2 DAYS earlier, secondly, how are the Kinect sales affecting the GT5 hardcore racing fans?

-End statement

The Maxx3289d ago

Not everyone can afford Kinect and GT5. Some may feel that they would rather save their money and buy Kinect and then GT5 a bit later.

commodore64 is just speculating that Sony may not want to have their #1 title compete against something that "might" take initial launch sales away. That's all. Companies have been known to change their release dates due to the competition on the market at that time. Same also happens in the music and movie industry.

It's just a way of companies taking their best interests into account.

DigitalAnalog3289d ago

You make it sound like the average GT5 fan HAVE a choice between Kinect and GT5......

-End statement

The Maxx3289d ago

@ DigitalAnalog

You make it sound like the average GT fan DOESN'T have a choice.

theEx1Le3289d ago

I think its coz of Black ops, but hey we will find out in time

Dee_913289d ago

i highly doubt the people whos gettin gt5 will get kinect ..

BWS19823289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

No, Commodore is not "speculating", he doesn't contain the brain cells required for such a task or the intellect to assimilate such complex ideas as "be a gamer". He's oozing fanboy juice all over this site like he always does. And it smells. He's a cancer here like Cold and the rest of them. No cure, either.

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King-Leonidas3289d ago


OneSneakyMofo3289d ago

Okay, what the fuck, Sony? I can understand a marketing decision by delaying LittleBigPlanet 2 so GT5 can have breathing room, but delaying BOTH GAMES?

Now you have no game for the holiday season - nothing to compete against. Your shortened gap will broaden, and you'll lose one-time console buyers to the Wii and the 360.

I'm very disappointed. I was counting down the days too, damnit!

TheLastGuardian3289d ago

Yep this might hurt PS3 sales but don't say the PS3 has nothing for the holidays. We have multiplats, The Sly Collection and we still have GT5 we just have to wait a bit longer.

visualb3289d ago

this is getting BS out of hand. So typical =(

ok I get it GT5 will be "perfect" BUT THEN DON'T SET A DATE! ARGH

this is really annoying. =/

however, I find it funny how, all PS3 fanboys were bashing the Kinect articles, and now the 360 fanboys are here out in full force, almost parading.

next big anti-kinect article I expect WAR

moparful993289d ago

Did you even read the article? They stated that it's still releasing this holiday season just not november 2nd. I'm willing to bet this is the call of duty effect.. Since north america and europe are obsessed with COD sony probably made the decision to push gt5 a couple of weeks and give it some breathing room.. I know I was personally stressing about how I was going to pay for all of these games coming out... Alot of people aren't going to be able to buy all of these titles all at once so spacing them out is a good approach..

cyborg3289d ago

am not that pissed :)

bustamove3289d ago Show
hennessey863289d ago

this is good for me, it gives me a bit more time to save up for my new fanatech wheel and stand and to be honest i didnt really expect it to make its nov 2nd release date anyway. Oh well back to f1 2010 on my xbox, my ps3 will remain a a blu-ray player till gt5 is released

pwnd_of_lol3289d ago


fear of halo reach and call of duty black ops much?

headwing453289d ago


Do you really think Halo and COD really rank up there with GT5? There just shooters, big deal there's a million more on the way.

theEx1Le3289d ago

Only a fool would fail to realise the impact either of those games have on the market when they drop

GIJeff3289d ago

in fact, that doesnt even make sense.

gta28003289d ago

I wont be surprised if for some reason all these delays backfire on them somehow. They're ridiculous. This may be the most delayed game of all time? How many delays now? They need to get their shit straight man.

skrug3289d ago

2 delays in Japan

1 delay for the rest of the world...

Light Yagami3289d ago ShowReplies(1)