Microsoft's PC plan

MCV: Microsoft wants to ride the wave of market transformation. Christopher Dring investigates…

Last month Microsoft admitted it needed to “step up” on PC.

The company said it was guilty of neglecting the platform that made it famous – but it’s okay, it is going to fix it. There’s going to be some new games, an improved service and added investment.

But hang on, haven’t we heard this all before?

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Letros3291d ago

Stop running your jaw and show us some of these "big IPs".

SgtRock3290d ago

Says Luhemann: “Imagine what the leaderboard for Solitaire would look like? Imagine getting achievement points for Solitaire? That would be awesome."

I have to admit I was skeptical about Microsoft's dedication to PC gaming, but this is gonna be BIG. Holy crap Microsoft, hire somebody who recognizes the smell of fail FFS.