Critical Reception: EA's Medal of Honor

This week's edition of Critical Reception examines online reaction to Danger Close and Electronic Arts' first-person shooter franchise reboot Medal of Honor, which reviews describe as "a game that could have been a lot better." Medal of Honor currently earns a score of 75 out of 100 at

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tacosRcool3290d ago

I think most reviews are biased anyways. Its like how all the reviewers said that Bad Company 2 wasn't that great compared to Modern Warfare 2. Sure they're FPSs but with totally different directions. Plus most reviewers are waiting for black ops to come out

spdarksky3290d ago

I bought this game for the PC. I played with 60fps flat 1080p native. I think this game really do stand out above or on par with Modern 2. The best multiplayer game i played in years after Bad Company 2.

This game cannot be compared with all out war of Modern 2. This is the real situation of war unlike Modern 2 which more of a Movie like rather than realistic. Hey, Call Of Duty never were realistic in the first place.

Take Call Of Duty 2 and Brothers In Arms. Which do you think portrays the WW2 more? Yes Brothers In Arms.

cmrbe3290d ago

but those that are saying its a critical failure are idiots. 75/100 is a pretty good score.

Brixxer6003290d ago

I hope to pick this up today and am really looking forward to it. Too many games nowadays are fetting ridiculously high scores. I agrre with cnrbe that 75/100 is a good score , the article also says that the multiplayer is an 8/10 and that's what i'm really looking forward to the most.

Gam3s4lif33290d ago

MoH is ok. not really tht great.