Unreal Tournament 3 - Tornado Video powered by AGEIA PhysX

AGEIA PhysX owners will get the unique opportunity to tear up Unreal Tournament 3 through some exclusive and revolutionary new features never before seen in PC games.

The first sneak peek includes a look at in-game footage of a PhysX-powered mod featuring a tornado which tears the battlefield apart as the game progresses. In addition, the tornado actually sucks rockets into the vortex if they're fired too close and presents a real moving hazard to the player.

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Loudninja4162d ago

So they are WORNG lol.Man these devs love tornados

ALI-G4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

you can walk near it without anything happening to you.
plus CRYTIC ENGINE 2 do not optmize the AGEIA PHYIX accelrator

EDIT:to the son of [email protected] who diagreed with me,why the hell did u disagree ?

@blow 2.1/2.2: sorry i missclicked, insted of given you bubble i took one.

ShiftyLookingCow4162d ago

first this map is a mod not part of official UT3 and second Alan Wake had a lot better Tornado physics in comparison to either this or Crysis with their quad core demo without any dedicated PPU.

ParaDise_LosT4162d ago

I was thinking the same thing...
LoLedwhen the van almost killed him x)

ShiftyLookingCow4162d ago

yeah that was unexpected and funny

Ghoul4162d ago

No offense but, i mean we also use ageia where i work and its pretty cool, but this vid was awefull.

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