GameFocus: Dead Rising 2 Review

GameFocus writes: "Despite the complaints addressed in this review, my experience with Dead Rising 2 ended up being far more conclusive and enjoyable compared to the original game. It may not win tons of awards at the end of the year, but there’s enough here to warrant a purchase, especially if you’re into zombie games or simply craving an awesome action game. Dead Rising 2 is the one of the few examples of a developer/publisher gathering all the constructive (and destructive) criticism, understanding it and making it happen."


+ Solid improvement over the first game
+ Multiple save slots, progress carries over to new games
+ Weapon creation system
+ Killing zombies is satisfying (as always)
+ Multiplayer adds something...


- ... but would have deserved more work
- Loose aiming, Chuck can’t run
- Excruciating loading times

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