Medal Of Honor Is Almost Here

It is finally time to take that step; a step so critical that it will elevate you to a new level of gamer. It’s time to step up to Tier 1! Medal of Honor for the PlayStation 3 is now on retail store shelves in the US and will be making its debut in Europe on the 15th of October.

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dkblackhawk503292d ago

For those of you who are confused...he is talking about the PAL version.

Red_Orange_Juice3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I already got the game.. yesterday, how isnt it out yet

BubbleSystemSuck3292d ago

i can live with both... CoD:BO and MoH....

tired of CoD fanboys bashing this game.

You can play both.

Takoulya3292d ago

You could get neither, and wait for quality games. XD

thorstein3292d ago

as the taliban. Now I feel soo warm inside /sarcasm. No one ran out and killed US soldiers after playing. I wonder what went wrong? Is it possible that humans are capable of knowing the difference between reality and fantasy?

Game-Playtv3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

No Idea why EA couldn't take a leaf out of Activisions book of good gaming and release Medal Of Honor on the same day worldwide, If a multi-million day one seller like MW2 (And the upcoming Black Ops) can release on the same day worldwide there's no reason why Medal of Honor couldn't do the same!!

Paralex3292d ago

Mainly because typical release dates are Fridays in the EU and in the US the release dates are on Tuesdays. Activision made the push for Tuesday worldwide because they want to see those day 1 sales bragging rights. MW2 had that big push off of the success of CoD4 (CoD4 didn't have that worldwide release). It's rare to see EA publish a game on the same day worldwide.

user8586213292d ago

Myt just be 2morrow for me, as Game (store) sent off the game, usually preorders arrive 1 day before release xD

cyberwaffles3292d ago

"Just Two More Sleeps Till Medal of Honor"

who's to say that it will only be two more sleeps till medal of honor? what if someone overdosed on PCP and crack and stayed wide awake for 2 days yelling at kids??