PlayStation Move - 470,000 Units Sold in Four Weeks

Following a solid initial launch, it can be revealed that as of October 9th over 470,000 units of Move hardware have now been sold in the Americas and EMEAA. Another statistic of interest is that over 600,000 individual Move controllers have now been sold, 130,000 of which are serving as 2nd, 3rd or 4th controllers for the 470,000 unique Move customers. Around 42% of Move sales are coming from the Americas with the remainder from EMEAA.

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Cloudberry3289d ago

Wondering how the MOVE worldwide sales would be...

Good sales by the way.

commodore643289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Yes, good sales.

If this is how Move is selling, I predict even more amazing sales for kinect, taking into account Kinect's pre-orders.

SillySundae3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

While I'm NOT a big fan of sales figures, since sometimes it is NOT equivalent to "product quality"
(...sometimes it is just a result of marketing and hype).

But in this case. I'd say GRATZ to Sony!

I've bought the hardware and am very happy with my purchase.
(Sales being good is just bonus info for me)

What matters to me is that the product is worth my money ... and NOT if other people bought it as well.

visualb3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

its bad enough people bring up Move in Kinect articles, you just had to throw gas into the fire didn't you

@ shutupandplay

shut up and play

i've said this before and I'll say it again - Sony aren't hyping Move half as much as MS are on Kinect, so to compare them is idiotic.

haha 1 disagree in one minute, common now commodore64, behave

VGChartS3289d ago

great fo sony
but considering that kinect is a whole different accessory than move is from wii,i think it'll sell more

Ju3289d ago

Curious what they'll do with all those returns after people figure that thing doesn't do what was promised. LOL. (couldn't resist).

fuckoffodion3289d ago

Commodore and shutupandplay (who coincidentally can't shut up and play games) trolling. You two are off-topic. What does kinect have to do with it? Oh no wonder NPD won't report anymore. It's because trolls like you won't get their periods.

ThatIrishGamer3289d ago

Hasn't saw the Kinect fps game posted last night LMAO. Kinect is a joke for gamers. It's for woman an old men.

Shadow Flare3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I will say one thing for kinect; the camera is easier to clean then the ps eye. Which is handy considering the amount of dust it will collect

And regards shutupandplay's comment, you've got nothing to play so I guess you'd better shut up

ABizzel13289d ago

Wow I thought that was world wide, but that's America only. Nice sales. I guess it's safe to say they probably sold 1 million units since October. They really need to put it out in the forefront of their holiday marketing campaign, and make more bundles like Eye Pet, Heavy Rain, MAG, etc...

gaffyh3289d ago

@above - I didn't click in the link, but that is quite a surprise, I also thought it was talking about worldwide. I'd wait to see the actual figures from NPD though personally.

BloodyNapkin3288d ago

Well Kinect will only sell one to a household, where as move mostly sells 2 to a household.

Bigpappy3288d ago

Oh, I got it now. We are done talking Xbox and Kinect sale. I approve. All the talk about 360 and Kinect sales only serve the purpose of angering the PS3 crowd. This now is proper news, as it totally shows that there are some PS3 owners who want to try FPS with the Move.

So we can talk sales just this one time. Makes perfect since to me.

HolyOrangeCows3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

"I predict even more amazing sales for kinect"

When someone mentions Move in a Kinect article, you cry "PS3 FANBOI!"
And yet YOU go and mention Kinect in a Move article....

DMason3288d ago

These arent just North American sales, its EMEAA sales also.

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SillySundae3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

double post

BulletProofVess3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

these numbers will justify developer support

so i hope to see more ground up move titles in the future like Sorcery

superrey193289d ago

I'll definitely get it once a there is a bigger selection of games or that big hit comes along to push me over the edge.

Christopher3289d ago

Wonder how it would do if there was actually any stock for the last two weeks? Dear Sony, not a good idea to limit stock when you're completely sold out across the north eastern board and other areas.

BulletProofVess3289d ago

not sure if there sold out across the states
yet they have plenty of navigation controllers&bundles where ive been looking but ive had a hard time finding a stand alone move controller

& bestbuy online has been on backorder for quite awhile

raztad3289d ago

I think sales are beyond Sony's expectations. PSMOVe standalone is sold out at amazon, with third party selling it for $60+.

The device has proved to be a hit among core gamers, even with the relative low number of games supporting it.

gamerzBEreal173288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

idk why so many people compare kinect and playstation move, playstation move is just another way to play the games that u love by sony kinect is a add on
PS move is like what $60?
kinect is $150

yea i know there both motion devices but still
imo i would rather game ps move...Not all games can work with kinect but i think more games will work with move and work well :) there already releaseing multiplats on Ps3 that support move..PGA TOUR 11 NBA2K11 and wii ports (LOTR) i dont think it will be this easy to just add on kinect support as it is to put Move support lol i got off track anyway they should not be compared there really differn't ...

for the people thinking, thats it?

it is a controller this is alot for a controller! and does this inclued navigation controllers?

jack_burt0n3288d ago

The crucial thing to remember is my £55 investment in move including a nav controller has not only brought me great new stuff resident evil, heavy rain and ruse.

Its also done all the casual entertaining it promised with the cheap launch games sports champions, tumble, start the party all are great fun and great games that work perfectly.

No ammount of marketing dollars can BUY that.

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BubbleSystemSuck3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Much better than expected

InTheKnow3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

No matter how you spin this, those numbers are pretty bad. I think not having a decent original game for the Wii copycat device is hurting sales.

With a reported 37 million PS3 out and about, you would think the Sony Wii Move HD would have " moved " at least a million units. I find it hard to believe this thing is moving very many PS3's, if any.

I'm sure the Xmas rush will pick up the sales...I think...O_o...With the marketing campaign of Kinect starting to pick up steam and the biggest game of the year about to drop in COD: Black ops, there might not be alot of room left for Sony Move. Still, Sony must be making a nice profit from the device since it's made from off the shelf Wii parts and doesn't have any high-tech components.

BTW...expect a price drop sooner, rather than later...probably Jan 1st.

BulletProofVess3289d ago

troll much? second article today ive clicked on with your idiotic arguments

Pillville3289d ago

Another duplicate account, created 2 weeks ago, for the purpose of trolling Sony articles.

harrisk9543289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

According to VGChartz (which traditionally under counts PS3 sales), with virtually no advertising, Sony has managed to sell 470,000 units of Move hardware (i.e, the bundle) and if you take into account all hardware sold, "600,000 individual Move controllers have now been sold in total (bundles and stand-alone), 130,000 of which are serving as 2nd, 3rd or 4th controllers for the 470,000 unique Move customers."

To me that is pretty good! By the end of the holidays, it will likely be over a million sold and will be a "slow burn", ramping up in sales as word of mouth spreads.

And I anticipate a small percentage of returns, unlike Kinect which will most likely sell a lot out of the gate, have a higher percentage of returns and have a quicker drop-off in sales when people get it home, out of the "controlled" environments that it has been demoed and realize that it doesn't work as advertised.

wages of sin3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Is absolutely correct. I live in California. I don't know any Move owners. I don't see or hear any ads for it. All the stores (and I mean all of them) in my area either have full shelves or aren't selling it. These numbers are horrid and it proves that people don't want another Wii.

I love how some people (harris) always have some lame conspiracy excuse for Sony, no matter what the case is. VGChartz is only valid when it's favorable to Sony but when it's not, well of course they always have "under-cut" the REAL numbers. Pathetic. Then you have the usual "investigative reporting" from Pillville and BulletProofVess. Classi paranoid sdf flag wavers. The move is an accurate Wii mote and people by and large don't care. I'll probably get the PSeye seperate for my PS3 but have zero interest in move.

At any rate it's time to move on, nothing to see here.

People said the same thing about the DS when it was first shown. Like Kinect, people at the time didn't know what to do with it. They had to think outside the box. Look how that turned out. It's cool though. Usually Sony gets away with "adapting" other companies tech and idea's into their own. It just didn't work this time. Perhaps if it didn't walk like a Wii and talk like a Wii then we need not discuss it.

Because of the sdf, the PS3 is the most overated console ever released. It's sad because as a gamer, I love having one. It's the sdf that ruins things for us all.

fuckoffodion3288d ago

hey wages...did a "sdf" (sdf is a group created by a 360 fanboy) put a plunger up your @$$? yea, so that's why you're a blind fanboy.

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LeonVesper3288d ago

The Move sold approximately 470,000+ with another estimated 300,000+ in Europe.

So they almost hit that million mark before November (980,000+ Units Worldwide).

Indeed a slow burn, but we need to see the statistics in Japan on the 21st. But as a gamer, I am hesitant to pick up a Move controllers till maybe next year. Even priorities beyond games are more important. It's all about purchasing in moderation and what is more important.

dosgrtr3289d ago

it hasn't even been released in japan yet

ingiomar3289d ago

Kinect will sell better!! :D

Ju3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Indeed, it will. But we know that.

At least, it'll give a reason to argue about it in the future even though can't imagine lots will actually have a use for that camera. I thought nobody wants casuals. But, hey, if it suites your agenda, it might as well be good enough.

Moentjers3288d ago


and are you going to buy it yourself ?

and don't you feel a little bit sorry for those people ? Just to soon to get one, product and games aren't ready yet...