Mortal Kombat's Female Ninjas Share Cosplay Babe of the Week

"Kitana: In 2008 GamesRadar placed Kitana among "Top 20 Overlooked Game Babes", and UGO Networks ranked her as #28 in their "Top 50 Videogame Hotties" article, stating "Kitana has her curves in all the right places, and her signature fans will keep you cool when things start to heat up."

Mileena: UGO Networks ranked Mileena #5 on their list of top 11 Mortal Kombat characters, citing her presence as an evil female player character as a rarity, as they were a taboo in video games at that time, while her brutal attacks, revealing outfits and slutty attitude made her a fan favorite.

Jade: Jade first appears in MKII as a hidden character who randomly appears onscreen with clues on how to locate her. She was a green palette swap of Kitana and she did not become playable until UMK3 in which her backstory was as a fellow Edenian and childhood friend of Kitana."

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VG_Releaser3290d ago

I thought mileena was different, butt they all look good!

vgn243290d ago

That's about it. I think they had different outfits sometimes later on, but you can see in the actual Midway image that they all shared the same character model with color variants.

Kind of like Reptile, Sub-Zero, Scorpion and so on and so on.

Yi-Long3290d ago

... I just had an orgasmitality in my pants!

ABizzel13290d ago

The Jade's are all hot except 1.

Boody-Bandit3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

This one is naughty

nickjkl3290d ago

wait wait wait wait OH and boom goes the dynamite

BeaRye3290d ago

OMG Remember Kitana in the original MK movie?

rezzah3290d ago

Yea, seen that movie maybe almost 10 times.

Gambit073290d ago

I'm guessing they're butterfaces.

vgn243290d ago

Say that to a ninja's face, lol.

Sarcasm3290d ago

Who cares when you tap those ninja ladies from the rear

Akagi3290d ago

Wow, N4G is slipping.

Convas3290d ago

LMAO and you just now noticed this? Welcome to reality buddy. N4G's been on the downward path for many months now.

kraze073290d ago

Where the hell was that Jade chick when I went to the Anime Expo in LA earlier this year?

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