PSP price drop for Europe

"As of Oct. 27, SCEE is ready to drop the price of the PSPgo from 250 euros to 179, while still maintaining the offer of having 10 free PSN downloads; it will meanwhile lower the price of the more popular PSP 3000 from 169 euros to 119." -RPG Land

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knifefight3294d ago

Great. Now get out there and get Birth by Sleep, Valkyria 2, and Crisis Core if you haven't already, Euro friends!

Yi-Long3294d ago

... it's still not worth the money, considering you can get a normal PSP for pretty much the same price or less.

imoutofthecontest3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Edit: well crap.

Kain813294d ago

the standalone psp cost now 119€ and the PSP bundles cost 139€...

Mmmkay3294d ago

i don't wanna bring an extra suitcase just for umd games....

King-Leonidas3294d ago

Yeah this is great news. 250 euros was just too much for a handheld

TreMillz3294d ago

Wheres your damn discounts! Lucky Euros their gow bundle gor cheaper now....or is that Gamestop exclusive?

Kain813294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Now a PSP2 announcement is imminent
a DS Price cut was made before 3ds announcement too

remanutd553294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

i seriously think it will happen after God of War Ghost of Sparta released date , perhaps early next year

DrillaKid3294d ago

I was thinking exactly the same thing :)

3294d ago
CREESH3294d ago

They cant give this crap away.

Mmmkay3294d ago

just like ms can't give their crap away... it's rather bad for business...

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