Borderlands PC version already has Duke Nukem Demo access key in it!

Gamersmint :Own Borderlands over at Steam? You’re in luck then!

Turns out that the purchasers of the GOTY edition won’t be the only ones getting access to the demo of Duke Nukem Forever

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3294d ago Replies(2)
prongs1233294d ago

damn...DAMN....DAMN DAMN....i HATE steam for this....them online!

cyborg3294d ago

can be downloaded as early as this month I guess, The GOTY edition of Borderlands releases today. You will need to have the access to key though. Check the post, you can register it over at their website.

comp_ali3294d ago

I wish i did bought it when it was on sale there.

Pandamobile3294d ago

I bought Boarderlands when it was like $7 on Steam. I haven't even installed it yet, but the DNF demo code made that $7 a worthy purchase :P

Letros3294d ago

It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum...

likedamaster3294d ago

...and I'm all out of gum?