Dead Space Ignition Review (RunDLC)

Dead Space Ignition seemed like a bad idea from the start, but we gave EA and Visceral Games a chance, simply because both parties had done an excellent job with the franchise. Well, consider this the first black eye, a game so terrible that it makes death by Necromorph seem like a decent way to go, especially if that frees us from having to suffer through one of three lackluster mini-games infesting a $4.99 waste of time.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Buff10443700d ago

OK great, so we're not the only ones. I did see that IGN slammed it.

despair3700d ago

wow no wonder they're giving it away with DS2 preorders lol, even at $5 to suck that badly.

Beast_Master3700d ago

Hey what do you expect for a free game. I thought it was ok. I am still praying for a Horde mode to be annouced for this game to complete my anticipation.

Close_Second3700d ago

...but is anyone else sick of seeing RunDLC plastered against each posting from the RunDLC site?

Its like a really bad play on Run DMC that was never funny and now won't go away.

Buff10443700d ago

You are officially the first person who dislikes the name. Congrats!

ReNeGaDe1243699d ago

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Good luck to everyone!