Medal of Honor blocks PSJailbreak

The free ride is over - at least for now. Yesterday's US release of Medal of Honor confirms that Sony has nullified the piracy-enabling PSJailbreak by locking the code to the new 3.42 firmware. While "backups" of the game are now circulating the internet, the game is completely unplayable with the hack as is.

Sony's response to the Jailbreak has been measured, but effective. Within a week of the open source PSGroove implementation arriving online, the platform holder released firmware 3.42, closing the USB exploit - effectively locking out hackers from running pirated games and unauthorised code from the PlayStation Network.

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IMChampion3699d ago


Eamon3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

uhh, doesn't the backup manager enable you to disable forced firmware updates anyway?

Basically, if you bought the game and played it then yes it blocks it. That is, until if a cfw is released.

Christopher3699d ago

Which doesn't take months to do, btw, if they could do it.

Honestly, proof that the jailbreak was a result of stealing code and not someone actually hacking the code. No one has been able to create anything close to custom firmware, only enabled the running of apps that are designed to run on the system in the first place (homebrew running without licensing).

neogeo3699d ago

The backup has been scrubbed thanks to skidrow and razor. So you fail on all fronts.

but the question is why not just download the better PC version? Also I'm not saying the PC version is better because im some fanboy. It actually got a better review.

Hellsvacancy3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Lol, this torrent blog i use every once in a while had MOH PS3 listed 2 days ago, in the description it said its pretty pointless downloadin this coz it wont work with the PS-JailBreak, but he/she then went on 2 say that theres a fix in the works

Meh, i woulndt pirate it even if i could, the game looks wank, i probably wont even rent it, id download the new Star Wars game though (again IF i was able 2) i really liked the demo, i might even buy it, does it hav multiplayer? maybe i should go c 4 myself....

Edit: No, theres no multiplayer, ill pick it up in a month or 2 when its "cheap as chips"

Capdastaro3699d ago

This is old news and void since there is methods out which bypass it.

badz1493699d ago

you know something that other people don't? JB stucked at 3.42 and Logantools aren't working no more!

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The story is too old to be commented.