First Catherine Gameplay Details Revealed, New Screens, and Character Details

The latest issue of Japanese magazine, Famitsu, has the lowdown on some new information about Atlus' upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 title, Catherine. Created by the same team as the Persona series, Catherine has gained a lot of attention for a unique look and premise. Finally, Atlus has shared the first details about the gameplay for the title, picture emails, and some story elements.

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Cloudberry3289d ago

From the article:

"According to Famitsu, the action part of the game will take place in this nightmare world were Vincent has to run from mysterious creatures.

You'll have to avoid monsters, obstacles, and other obstructions to get by, but if you fall off the level or get captured by the monster, it's game over."



Action-Adventure & a little bit of Puzzle solving, I guess...

Neckbear3288d ago

A platformer, it seems.

I'm okay with that. Although I'd wish it to be more like a hack n' slash or something.

ranmafandude3288d ago

they make/publish some risky games lol.

Redempteur3288d ago

2 for the price of one !!

can't wait... i just hope the game will have a decent lenght

Neckbear3288d ago

They said the game was about 20 hours long. Different endings, as well (or so they said.)

As long as it provides some cool platforming and challenge, I'm okay with it.

Aleusia3287d ago

We ask for Persona 5 on ps3 in unison. What we get is something entirely different.

Dammit, Atlus get your head out of your ass.