Vanquish: See how an expert plays

Following video shows an expert playing the Vanquish demo.

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Chaostar3296d ago

Awesome, the speed on this guy is incredible. I didn't even know you could slo-mo shoot grenades right out of the air over enemies heads, gonna boot the demo up now and have a blast :)

Army_of_Darkness3296d ago

I honestly felt sorry for the bad guys! hahaha! they stood no chance!

UltraNova3296d ago

This game is awesome, picking this up instead of MOH and Black ops.

RageAgainstTheMShine3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

If you have a Japanese account you should download the CHALLENGE DEMO!
Which is WAY much challenging than this VELOCITY ATTACK DEMO.

Watch the REAL Shinji Mikami play!

DigitalAnalog3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

We can clearly say this is NO GeoW. Shinji Mikami has once again shows how TPS shooters are done. Revolutionized the damn genre with Biohazard 4 now it's possible to show-off some mad skillz at this game right here. If this was the final retail, I'd bet he'd earn about 10 Achievements/Trophies.

And also, badass cigarette break.

-End statement

visualb3296d ago

im totally sold on it.

However, although I under stand thats how it must be played to be the best, I find the constant rolling over to be a bit "anti-immersive"

but thats me. its like bunny hopping. it works, but it totally kills the experience imo

King-Leonidas3296d ago

Nice the nerd whops 'expert' did realy good

Edward-Kraken3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I refuse to watch the vid because I want to learn to play the game first before seeing any pros playing this. Is the guy playing in the video really THAT good?

Your replies make me want to watch the vid now. Maybe later after reading more comments.

dkblackhawk503296d ago

Better than what I would ever do in this game...

jc485733296d ago

I can't even do at least half the things he does.

InTheKnow3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

The guy played like someone who was forced to play the demo 20 times and suffers from some bad A.D.D.

He really wanted to make the demo feel very loose and fast...Unfortunately, it looked really dumb to me. Not using the cover system because it would slow the game play down makes it look plain and boring. Playing on the easiest difficulty also lets you play like a jackass just like him...O_o.

What was all the rolling around for...nobody was even shooting at him. Rolling up the escalator, rolling around the map. There's a sniper rifle up on the ledge he ignored because it would make the game seem slow. If you saw this for the first time without playing the demo, you'd think the AI is some of the worst ever.

DiD you see him standing in the mech at the gate going back and forth, waiting for the game to load the next to hard. The game is fine and will make a nice weekend rental. NO multi-player or even co-op is just plain dumb in this day and age.

Jdoki3296d ago

I believe this player is doing a speed run.

BulletProofVess3296d ago

the player was most likely doing a speed run.


games dont have to have forced multiplayer or co-op to be good games

your comment makes you sound like an immature cod player

who's 10th prestige but has never played the campaign

xino3296d ago

Listen, this game isn't your typical 3rd person shooter, it's an incorporation of a typical hardcore Japanese game hack n slash such as Bayonetta/Ninja Gaiden/Devil May Cry with a mix of Western 3rd shooter like Gears.

People who are impressed by the game only see the rocket boots as awesome and the use of slow motion. But hardcore players know this game an be played beyond and offers more because of the mixture of two type of genre.

The only way to play this game is to evade and slow mo all the time. Only use duck n cover if you need to recharge your health. Anything else how you play the game is wrong and it's the western style.

If you play it the western Gears style then this will be your typical generic 3rd shooter. Though if you play it like a typical Japanese hardcore game, you'd know this game offers more than western Gears style shooter.

J-Killer153296d ago

How Platinum Games was able to incorporate their Japanese style into a 3rd person shooter is beyond me. I'm about to pre order this game because of this footage.

jc485733296d ago

no wonder Japanese people are so into Third Person Shooters.

theonlylolking3296d ago

They are good at all games. When japan was able to play KZ2 online they where better than most people from EU and NA.

jc485733296d ago

I guess it takes dedication.


When playing KZ3 online I was always scared I might end up with Japanese players because they're just too good.

They even ace Wipeout HD, you're still on the first lap and they've flippin finished the race and are already selecting their next vehicle for the next race lol.

Redempteur3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

i agree about wipeout HD , i see some players Online and i can't believe to understand HOw they took those corners ( SOl 2)

ps: i guess i'm just an average Wipeout hd player ...

Convas3296d ago

This guy's got ungodly skills. I never even thought about running underneath the Argus Robot in his second stage and shotgunning his knee joints. DAMN son. And shooting grenades in mid-air? Bad ass.

He played offensively through the entire demo, I always played very defensively. Goes to show that you gotta experiment with playstyles.

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The story is too old to be commented.