State of Direct X 11: current and future games

Website PC Games Hardware takes a critical look at current and future games that feature Direct X 11 support like Civilization 5 or Crysis 2. The guys mention advantages in terms of performance and quality. They also deliver some kind of roadmap.

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Nihilism3291d ago

I honestly couldn't give a F about the API version...if the game looks good....then it doesn't matter.

I still think some of the best looking games are DX9.

Of course if a game were to come out with DX9 only in 2011/12 then it would just be a slap in the face of progress. But if a game looks good, the DX version doesn't matter.

Eg. Rage.

Mista T3291d ago

Crysis 2 DX11 will be insane, I have a 5870 and I don't know what to think........

steve30x3290d ago

I see more DX11 games being released than DX10 games ever accomplished. If Dx11 wasnbt taking off like it is I wouldnt have bought two DX11 GPU's. The DX11 games look a lot better in DX11 than they do in DX9 and theyre only going to start looking better the more the developers get used to the API.