Top 10 Worst Stereotypes In Gaming

NowGamer explores the characters that give parody a bad name - "Take every Italian gangster stereotype every committed to film, roll them into a big ball and dress that ball up in a naff shirt and you have Joe Barbaro, Mafia II’s resident troublemaker. So exaggerated was Joe’s persona that members of the Italian community complained to the publishers claiming that the game was racist. It’s not just Joe that misrepresents nationalities however, as developers have been delivering overblown accents and mannerisms from around the globe for years. It’s unfortunate to see in today’s industry, but we don’t see it going away anytime soon."

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MaxOpower3291d ago

Kinda like it, but the probably should have had some more examples. It's hard to "prove" a Stereotype, whit one example.

fastrez3291d ago

Saw Gordon Freeman on that list and was about to kick off...luckily they aren't making fun of him, but actually praising him. Just as well really

Quagmire3291d ago

Number 1 worst stereotyping in gaming:

The American Hero.