Hands-On Preview: MotorStorm Apocalypse - Electronic Theatre

Followed by a sequel that refined the formula rather than renovating it, and a PlayStation Portable (PSP) outing that received a mixed response, hopes are high that the forthcoming MotorStorm Apocalypse can push the established boundaries further than before. Thankfully, on the evidence offered at the recent Eurogamer Expo, Evolution Studios are well aware of the task that lay before them, and fully intend to showing that MotorStorm is franchise that is more than worthy of the attention it has benefited from thus far.

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mjolliffe3290d ago

Tried it out at Eurogamer and it was brilliant. The 3D worked a treat, too.

knifefight3290d ago

Yeah man I was surprised.

jaredhart3290d ago

Going to be an awesome game.