Critical Gamer: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2: review

Critical Gamer writes: A few weeks ago in our preview of Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (here) we pointed out that, while the Storm series from CyberConnect2 is a credible addition to the beat-em-up genre, due to being so heavily based on a Japanese manga it would only appeal to people interested in the source material and would be overlooked by most other people for that reason alone (well, that, and the fact that the West is doing its best to fool everyone into thinking that just because something is a cartoon that it must be meant for children). With that in mind this review will focus more on whether a fan would be satisfied with what this game has to offer rather than a newcomer.

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Jim Crikey3296d ago

Nice review. Sounds like one for the fans, really.

Yi-Long3296d ago

"The reason for this is probably the attempt to find a middle ground between manga and animé. Blood is largely airbrushed and don’t expect to see any of the more violent deaths, stabbings, sexual innuendo, skewering and the like in any kind of detail."

Does anyone know if the japanese/asian version of this game is also tamed down?

Too bad. I like my violence. I love Naruto. I will buy this anyway, but I always think it's a shame when developers censor themselfs or the source-material in order to get a T-rating or whatever.

Naruto is meant to have violent bits in it.

Optical_Matrix3296d ago

Um, Yi-Long...the Naruto games never have blood or overt violence like the anime and manga, hence why they're only ever rated 12+ / T for Teen at best. Since they're based on the anime, not the manga and of course the anime is more censored slightly to the manga.

Yi-Long3296d ago

... I don't feel the anime should be censored either.

Baka-akaB3296d ago

that's still nothing new , every popular shonen have been censored for blood when animated , including stuff like DBZ and One piece .

It's the adult stuff that gets away with it

LoVeRSaMa3296d ago

Its what Happens when the US get hold of an Anime series.

First they dub it.
Then they Censor it.

'Super Lame ass fire ball atttaaaack'


I don't hate, I hope this game just can be reanimeified.

Baka-akaB3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Nothing to do with it . The anime was always heavily censored compared to the manga in japan already .

The rest is just the usual "4kids" kind of silly butchering for reasons only a twisted and perverted mind would think of .

(like censoring a firing squadpost in One piece , because it's shaped like a cross ? WTF ?)

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Redempteur3296d ago

did i see a screenshot of orochimaru getting blasted by 4 tails naruto ? i need to play that part in -game !!!