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Virtua Fighter 5 360 Graphics Seem Muted Compared to PS3 Version

In the "Business Hall," one of the buildings set aside for important business meetings and us bottom-feeding journalists, GameSpy managed to get a few minutes of Virtua Fighter time at the Sega booth. Other games had their own rooms, with team members giving carefully on-point presentations.

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MK_Red5258d ago

Hey, last time most sites said the graphics were updated and improved for 360 and now GS says graphics are muted!?

WilliamRLBaker5258d ago (Edited 5258d ago )

I find it weird too nearly every other source says the 360 version looks better. oh well we'll just have to see what happens.
I've played the ps3 version, and thought it sucked but i hate fighting games, so id hate the 360 version too.

hated vf1-4 so yeah.

The Wood5258d ago

vf5 could have lifelike graphics and it'll still be pants to me

DrPirate5258d ago

Anyone noticing a trend?

From PES, to Virtua fighter, to GRAW 2

and now, new examples like Killzone 2 and Heavenly Sword (Graphically).

PS3 is becoming the graphics leader.

............................. Now to work on gameplay :P

WilliamRLBaker5258d ago

Graw2: a lil over 5 and a half months extra dev time.

PES did 2007 version comeout on ps3? no and the 2008 the majority of online sites say they are exactly the same..infact didn't he dev say so too?

VF: we have one site that says any thing, 1 site out of alot that says VF 360 looks plasticky...

so yeah i see no trend...

Ri0tSquad5258d ago

Making 360 games are easy and pushing the hardware to the limit is easier because of the great developer tools Microsoft provides. To do the same with the ps3 it takes more work and like Sony said were going got see ports look better on the ps3. But gameplay is something the ps3 hasn't been hitting its just been after graphics as if sony is still trying to prove people something they should just be trying to make good games.

larry0075258d ago

just like Dirt,Oblivion, Vt3 ,rr7 ,Fn3 this also is no exception

larry0075258d ago

ofcourse with EDGE future multiplat games would be looking better on the ps3.

Understandably so since ps3 is way more powerful than x360

Cell is like 20x more powerful than Xenon and ps3 has a BLUE RAY drive too that can stream data at a very high seek speed

secret5257d ago

Just enjoy your game. If you own the xbox360 and need Virtua Fighter 5, this is going to be your only option. Whether it's better or not compared to the PS3 isn't your concern unless you have or will buy a PS3 if it does have the best version.

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GoLeafsGo5258d ago

It'd be wise to mark this under rumor, as clearly, they're not entirely sure.

m91058265257d ago

I really hope that was sarcasm... that's like looking outside and saying "hmm... it seems to be raining". Better not grab the umbrella yet, he's not sure!

Bloodmask5258d ago

The only differences in colors would be bc one is an Nvidia GPU vs. the ATI GPU. And it was said before that the 360 version would have better AA.

The main thing really is that the 360 version gets online play and the upgraded AI for the CPU opponents.

GoLeafsGo5258d ago (Edited 5258d ago )

..and comes months upon months later.

But, in all fairness, if online was being added to the PS3 version, I wouldn't have minded waiting 2-3 months longer.

Heck, I might've actually picked the title up then.

Blitzed5258d ago (Edited 5257d ago )

LOL, I would love to see your post had it said the 360 looks better.

**Edit** How can people disagree with that?! So, I wouldn't love to see his post had the review been reversed? LMAO Its fact, trust me, I reconfirmed it with my source, ME.

Bloodmask5257d ago (Edited 5257d ago )

My comment is neutral. It states basicly that the graphical differences will be minimal. After all this is a port of the arcade game. The arcade version runs on the Lindbergh arcade board. It has an Nvidia GPU. Therefore pulling of the same graphical effects on the Xenos ATI GPU in the 360 may look slightly different. Like sweat....etc. I realize that these types of things are most likely beyond your comprehension but I am sure there are people on this site who know about technology who will understand even if you don't.
And I merely point out that the major differences will be AI and online play which obviously upsets you bc it is true.

Blitzed5257d ago (Edited 5257d ago )

Thanks for the GPU lesson Bloodmask, not really sure why you think I needed it since I never commented on the GFX, (plus I've only been working with CG/Video GFX for a decade, so I do have a little understanding of the tech), and I actually believe they WILL look the same (with minimal differences). Also, I think the online component is a huge addition. You see, I don't have a bias against anything but fanboys (and the Ottawa Senators, Montreal Canadians and Buffalo Bills). That being said, you actually started out neutral and then added-

"The main thing really is that the 360 version gets online play and the upgraded AI for the CPU opponents."

In every other thread that states "360 GFX better than PS3", your flamed fanboy comments speak for themselves, and what I said was I would have loved to see your comments had this been another thread about the 360 outdoing the PS3 gfx wise. You would have lol'd at any Sony fanboy that put the same type of "minimal difference" spin you just put on it.

Oh, and here is your quote to DMC4 looking better on the 360:

"the 360 version still looks better. (even if the difference is minimal)

Do you need to be hit by a mack truck to face reality. Lie to yourself all you want but time and time again it is proven that the 360 is a more competant games machine. "

That "minimal difference" argument seems to work both ways for you.

SofaKingReetodded5257d ago

if anybody really cared what they said, they would peruse all their statements and show them for the hipocritical xbot jackasses they are.

but then again who cares what they have to say, we know which end it's coming out of and it's not the one you brush your teeth in.

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The graphics are obviously inferior, this game was developed on the PS3. This game being graphically better on 360 is pure BS, just get over it the PS3 is far more powerful and its starting to show.

gta_cb5258d ago

im going to remember this comment, and if the Xbox 360 does end up being better i am going to quote you.

gta_cb5257d ago

i love how some people have disagreed with my comment.... so you disagree because you can stop me from quoting canon?!...