PlayStation Move: Right on Target | Geek Sugar Review

Kristy Korcz: I'll be honest — when I first heard about the PlayStation Move system earlier this year, I thought Sony was just trying to play catch up with Nintendo's Wii. Boy, was I wrong.

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PostApocalyptic3288d ago


I just got the PS Move Bundle a few hours ago and I love it. I was a little worried about the tracking when I was setting it up during the menu screen. The pointer has a bit of lag and a second delay -- during the game selection screen. But when you actually start the game and calibrate it's pretty spot on.

Not sure which one is my favorite game; I kind of like the disc golf, gladiator duel, bocce. But archery and volley ball and table tennis seem fun too. But I'm not as good at those yet.

What I really need is a second PS Move controller. I want to be able to use the shield.