Sony PlayStation may sell 45% more this year

"Since its launch in 2007, the gaming market in India has grown by leaps, and is still one of the largest untapped markets across the world. We anticipate this trend to consolidate, with increased entrenchment of the gaming culture in the Indian middle class," said Atindriya Bose, Country Manager, Sony PlayStation.

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CrazyForGames3297d ago

the indian market eh
when i think of india things like the ps3/360/wii are the last things that come to mind honestly

big_silky3297d ago

I think India has bigger problems than not affording a ps3.

TheMART3297d ago

And maybe it may not sell 45%...

I mean yes, anything may. A meteor may hit planet earth in 2012 and kills all live including this gens consoles.

XBOX 360 may sell 300% more this Christmas. Or maybe it won't.