Should ‘Fans’ Always Get The Final Say?

Play Mag: As Gap makes an about turn on its new logo, Play considers if fans have too much say when games want to make a change.

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Masamori Sumimura3297d ago

yeah. we're buying the games so.

Neckbear3297d ago

I'm quite sure Advertisement sells more games than what fans buy.

JsonHenry3297d ago

They DO get the final say. They either buy your game or not.

Nihilism3297d ago

Thankyou for that common sense comment, too many sheep buy every piece of trash that comes out based on a pre-rendered trailer etc...

People need to vote with their wallets. The problem is that the 12 year old's on here don't have to pay for the games...their parents do, so they have no idea about 'value'.

Last gen: 20hr campaign, with split screen, online MP and offline MP with bots ( and games that didn't need patches )

This gen: >8hr campaign, online only MP ( possibly requiring an online voucher ) 10+ DLC packs per game, broken games at launch...

Thanks console gamers.

NothingToGainButLove3297d ago

I dont think so. Resistance 2 followed some advice from the community and I think I ended up longing for the Resistance 1 style again.

Sometimes us fans don't even know whats best for us :P

Panthers3297d ago

I agree completely. I think fans really do not know what they want. Socom fans screwed the game up with Socom 3 (yes it was our fault dont pretend it wasnt) And now everyone longs for the days of Socom 2. Sometimes it is better to let developers do their thing. I wish they wouldnt announce a game until a few months before release.

SoSLy3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

"The customer is always right. Always"

If your making a new IP, sure go ahead blow your brains out. But when theres a game that has a legacy, for example "DMC" Where the fans are already attached to the characters, you cant just change it around and what not cause it wont feel right for those who are buying it.

Panthers3297d ago

Well I say do not knock it until you try it. Everyone hated Raiden in MGS2 but now we love him. I thought he was cool in MGS2 but most people didnt. Now yes, the new Dante looks terrible, but hell, Ill give it a shot if the gameplay holds up.

Domer253297d ago

Yes; because I'm selfish.

BBCnewsrocks3297d ago

The majority of fans would ruin the game if they were given creative control. Look what happened to infamous, first then want new cole, the get new cole, they want old cole back, they don't know what they want.

Sure fans can have a lot of good ideas but they lack the focus and vision that the pros usually have.

InTheZoneAC3297d ago

no one ever asked for a "new" cole. Everyone already thought Cole was a perfect character, but then when they flipped him around completely, 99.9% of the fans hated it. Soon enough, old cole is back :)

Aleusia3296d ago

Why do you like Kekkaishi? am I the only one not able to get into that show?

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big_silky3297d ago

Fans generally don't know shit, I'll leave it up to the creators. What I'd love to see would render a game unplayable much like most ideas from diehard fans of something.

Quagmire3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Fans don't make games, developers do.

If we asked Christopher Nolan to add a hot nude sex scene in Inception, would it be benefitial? Hell to the no. So games shouldnt be any different. Fans are whiny complaining little dipshits imo.

Concerning DmC, ill buy any game Ninja Theory makes, no matter what changes.

Apotheosize3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

No youre wrong, Inception 2 comes out, starring Justin Beiber as Cob. Thats the situation not the hot nude scene. The developers ideas go this far, but the game is being played and bought by the fans. Of course the fans arent always right, but the same goes for the devs. As in Ninja Theory case. Enjoy DmC I guess

darkdoom30003297d ago

It's not that fans should always get last say. It's just that developers shouldn't try chaning stuff (characters) to appeal to the mass market, thus screwing the existing fanbase.

F**k you capcom and ninja theory. bastards killed dante :(

ash_divine3297d ago

I understand that, and I hate sellouts just as much as the next guy, but, what if these fans you are catering to are a very tiny group? and what if the decisions they want you to make stop you from appealing to a much wider audience? Aren't fans then hurting the very product/franchise that they love?

not to mention, those situations where the fans actually make the product worse(though that could also happen by trying to please non-fans)

one things for sure, the author poses a difficult question to answer

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The story is too old to be commented.