Playstation Move Review (Strategy Informer)

Strategy Informer: "When the Wii was first released back in 2006, both Sony and Microsoft turned their noses up at Nintendo, refusing to acknowledge this latest gambit as a 'proper' games console. I remember this kerfuffle distinctly, as I was one of the big Nintendo believers, waiting outside my local games shop in the freezing cold on the day of the Wii's release. Since that day, my faith in Nintendo has dwindled - although this fact didn't make my smile any less wide the first time I heard that both Sony and Microsoft had decided that perhaps motion-control is the way forward after all."

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vhero3291d ago

No real reviewer would say things like this

Of course, the final rather gaping issue is the launch titles line-up. You've got a Wii Sports rip-off (Sports Champion),

Rip-Off?? How do these little league sites keep getting approved?? I am not complaining here because of the score (as you 360 fanboys will probably think) I think it's about right but the review looks like it's written by an eight year old.

GameArmada3291d ago

If you read the rest of the review, you'd see that the reviewer clearly explains that Sports Champions is far more than a Wii Sports rip-off. However, in terms of 'It's a motion-controlled sports game, it has six games in it, some of those games have already been seen in the Wii Sports series', it's pretty hard to deny that it takes a little too much inspiration from its Wii counterpart.

Think about it this way - would Sports Champion have this set-up (6 minigames) and these particular sports - in fact, would it exist at all in this form - if Wii Sports didn't exist?