Remastered Medal of Honor: Frontline Trailer Released

GamaGanda: As you may know, the Limited and Tier 1 editions of Medal of Honor for PS3 include an exclusive remastered version of MoH: Frontline, which was originally released way back in 2002. EA has released a trailer to show off this PS3 exclusive. The new game in the franchise has been released yesterday in the US and will be released Friday in Europe. The above-mentioned trailer can be seen here:

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Quagmire3290d ago

Sucks how its only available with the limited edition. How limited is it? And will it hit the PSN store anytime soon? Seems unfair for those who might miss out.

FragGen3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I'm pretty sure this is like Dante's Inferno (another EA game) where ALL retail PS3 copies are the "limited edition". They're just calling it that because the PS3 version contains content not on the other systems (presumably due to Blu-Ray's enormous storage capacity).

That's a pretty awesome bonus, IMHO. I think it's a shame more reviews have not mentioned it, because it was surprisingly cool, considering what a-holes EA are with respect to gouging the customer in their war on rentals/used games (online pass codes, unlock codes for stuff already on the disc, etc).