Kinect Hands-On: Kinect Sports, Joy Ride and Dance Central (Strategy Informer)

Strategy Informer: "Are we becoming more tolerant of absurd names in the video games world, or is it that games are driving us all a little loopy too? We've had the Dreamcast, the Gamecube, the Wii... all names we screwed our faces up at when we first heard them, then quickly came to accept. Now we have Microsoft's latest hardware venture called Kinect, which is a clever name in one sense, and really very silly in another.

Let's skim over the label, however, and talk about whether this upcoming motion-controlled peripheral is actually any good. Kinect is rather unique compared to its Sony and Nintendo rival, in that it provides a controller-free experience without the need for a waggle stick - as Microsoft are so keen to point out, 'You are the controller'. Of course, with this type of technology you find a varied mix of commotion surrounding it. Will it work properly, how accurate will it be, how bad is the lag..."

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forcefullpower3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

The amount of articles i read about miss information of move controllers against kinect.

Playstation Move (which costs $120 in total for the motion + navigation + Eye combo) complete BS

Move Starter Pack. £40 and nav is £17. That does not equal £120.

EDIT. miss read the $120. May be they should not have added UK Price without giving the equal costing as well.

GameArmada3291d ago

It says $120, not £120. In the US, there is no £40 starter pack - you can get a $100 Move bundle, but that doesn't come with the navigation controller. Read here:

Hence $120 is right.

Bigpappy3290d ago

Sounds like a 9.5/10 from this guy. Your thoughts?