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BeefJack: "Despite Microsoft’s constant pronouncements that they care about the PC market, Games for Windows Live will never be a true force in the world of video game Digital Distribution because it lacks the financial and development investment it requires. In Live 3.0, Microsoft has finally been able to craft a solid, reliable and downright useful framework for GFWL, and for its own sake it needs to move away from half-arsed ‘Games on Demand’ and move towards greater integration with other services in order to survive. Oh, and a faster and more efficient authentication service for updates would be a smart idea too: you’ll understand if you ever ask a Dawn of War II fan what he thinks of Microsoft’s service."

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SexyPrawns3297d ago

That's not true!

That's impossible!

JsonHenry3297d ago

I hate how damn long it takes to sign into GFWL. I have my ports opened to my gaming PC for GFWL thinking that was the problem.. but it wasn't. Still takes way to damn long. I start up Dead Rising 2 then walk away and come back 5 minutes later to play if that tells you anything. And all my friends have the same problem, so it is not just me.

Apollyn3297d ago

Should allow steam registration simples!

dirthurts3297d ago

No Steam games can be resold.
I like to sell off my games when I'm done with them, except for select multiplayer games.

vhero3297d ago

I disagree purely on the fact I know this is hard to believe but not everybody in the world has internet.. I remember the whole incident with HL2 and people taking there entire PC's to family and friends houses just to get authenticated so they could play it.

TOSgamer3297d ago

Having everything controlled by 1 company is NEVER a good idea...

Apollyn3297d ago

I don't mean to activate it I mean if I get an EA key it only works on an EA downloader if I wish too register my key and I have to choose between the 2

Jdoki3297d ago

Yeah, for me that's the biggest complaint I have about the proliferation of Digital Download services.

I like Steam, and use that as my main DD service. But it doesn't have every game, which means I need to have the EA service installed, and Ubisoft, and other Steam competitors and so on. Then throw in the GFWL service and it's just a lot of pointless resource hogging crap to make my games run and ensure they are patched!!!

Not ideal.

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PirosThe4th3297d ago

its better than XboxLive...

Highly-Strung3297d ago

its must have been quick chat.

Letros3297d ago

GFWL, late to the party just like 95% of every other MS idea.

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