RPGamer: Knights in the Nightmare (PSP) Review

Originality is a valued trait in console RPGs; RPGamer feels that it's important enough to be one of its six graded sub-categories. Unlike the other categories however, a high score in this category isn't necessarily a positive thing, as much as it's treated as such. It's merely an indicator that the game in question is unlike other games in the field. Innovating too far can limit a game's popular reception or isolate diehard fans of the creative team's earlier work. Take, for example, the limited commercial success of Earthbound, and how a certain subset of RPGamers refuse to accept any Final Fantasy game beyond the sixth installment. This is not a rehashing of the hardcore gamer versus casual players argument, just the observation that people don't always want to work hard to be entertained. Knights in the Nightmare engages in all of these issues and emerges mostly unscathed while masquerading as a tragic fairy tale.

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