OXCGN’s Comic Jumper XBLA Review: The Adveture Of Captain Smiley


"The story follows Captain Smiley, who you play as, and his attached sidekick, Star – who is literally just a star. Star is a loud mouth who is rather abrasive and doesn’t seem to like Captain Smiley very much.

You start with your own comic called ‘The adventures of Captain Smiley’ and it is quickly revealed that your arch nemesis is a seemingly ‘cool’ guy named ‘Brad’.

The first chapter revolves around combating Brad and his robotic henchwomen (and his ‘Bradcopter’ equipped with ‘Brad Missiles’).

After defeating Brad your comic is cancelled due to low readership and you are forced to take any work you can get. This leads your assistant, Gerta, to find you work in other comics to make enough money to re-launch your own comic."

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XboxOZ3603291d ago

Just not my cuppa-tea sorry. While some Comic Jumper aficionados would jump at the chance (no pun intended) to grab this, it just seems to be lacking 'something' What do others think?

Sometimes I think there's just too much 'average' stuff coming to PSN and XBLA these days.

gaminoz3291d ago

Amongst the average is the odd gem you don't hear about, but this one sounds like it ain't it.

BadCircuit3291d ago

I haven't really heard of this game and I think that it wasn't a loss for me.

Belgavion3291d ago

Was planning on blind buying this but glad I didn't after checking out the trail first. Not sure what it is....just didn't grab me at all