Inafune: Hates the industry, wants to leave?

Capcom’s, Keiji Inafune is certainly not content with the gaming industry of late. By now we all heard of his dismay with the Japanese gaming industry as he publically voiced his negative opinion on the current state of the Japanese industry.

Now it seems he would like an emidiate exit all together.

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T9X693290d ago

Agreed. Picked up DR2 and it is the most enjoyable game I've played all year, there isn't one second in this game I'm not having fun. It may not be the greatest on a technical level, but my god it sure is fun and co-op was a great addition to the game as well.

hellsere3290d ago

Its horrible on the technical front.

militant073290d ago

yup, the game glitched on me several times.


A technically unimpressive game that is actually fun, wouldn't be a first. I enjoyed FO3, AC2 and RDR just right regardless.

That's what I've been expecting to get from multiplats this gen, fun, in graphics and stability PS3 exclusives got me spoiled, so unless it's really broken/unplayable, I pick multiplats solely based on gameplay, story and originality.

T9X693290d ago

I wouldn't say it's horrible, but it's definitely not the most polished game around, or even close. On the other hand, the game is VERY enjoyable IMO, the combo weapons, weapons periods, saving survivors isn't a pain this time around, you don't HAVE to do the objectives if you don't want to, etc. It's somewhat similar to how Saints Row 2 is, not very good graphics, not very good on a technical front, but man is it fun as hell to play. It's almost like back in the PS2 days with GTA SA for example, it wasn't very pretty, and it was better for its time on a technical front, but it was one of the most enjoyable games could for a long time.

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tinybigman3290d ago

your constant westernizing of your games sucks. leave the stale robot like style to the western developers and get back to the quirky stuff your known best for.

r0gueZA3290d ago

or another Resi... I loved Resi 5
*puts on flame suite*

Masamori Sumimura3290d ago

I enjoyed it pretty well aswell. It just lacked the scary element. game was good otherwise.

NewsForMe3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Good third person action game, terrible Resident Evil game.


Yeah, not a bad game at all, just short of what a RE fan expects.

FiftyFourPointTwo3290d ago

Finish Legends 3 and make X9 first.

perfectCarbonara3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

So leave, after selling DMC to Beelzebub you should leave and never return.

SexyPrawns3290d ago

Thank God!

As much as I'm enjoying DR2, there are so many things I'd change. If someone like Naughty Dog or Valve got ahold of this franchise, it'd be so much better.

SexyPrawns3290d ago

Yes, it would.

What are you smoking?

CrazyForGames3290d ago

if you were to give CAPCOMS dead rising 2 to naughty dog or valve you would not get the game you know now they would change the game to the point where it would pretty much be something new entirely and not dead rising

so you can't really say it would be better

xXxSeTTriPxXx3290d ago

everything naughty dog and vavle touch is gold.i'm sure they would draw off the source material and make something great.

n4f3290d ago

yeah just give them resident evil and they will surely make a better resident evil
or how about giving them devil may cry
i mean come on its not even there style they would change to much thing. it like saying: give killzone to nintendo it would be a better game and it would sold out!! come on you see my point

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The story is too old to be commented.