Digital Foundry Analysis - TriOviz 3D joins Unreal Engine 3

Digital Foundry writes: "Epic has announced that the TriOviz 3D system has been integrated into Unreal Engine 3, allowing all of its licensees the ability to add stereoscopic 3D modes to their games with only a minimal amount of extra development time."

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milohighclub3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

please dont use this in batman:ac please use realD, i dont just want depth, i want things to look like solid objects thats why i bought the tv.

i think this 3d will really annoy people who spent the money on 3dtv's i'll buy batman and crysis no matter what because they are gonna be awesome games anyway, but i will not buy games for this kind of 3d.

i hate call of duty,with A Passion. but i'm buying black ops just to see a game other than racing in 3d.