17 Horror Games That Need to See the Light of Day

Dead Pixels writes: The video games industry is an unforgiving world where highly anticipated games can be canceled without warning, or even worse, they can be thrown into the dread video game limbo. The fate of those who find themselves in the latter category rarely survive, instead fans are strung along for years with the promise of a release until the game meets its inevitable fate. This is our list of the 17 horror titles we'd love to get our hands on the most.

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CuddlySandpaper3298d ago

How have I never heard of that game before? It looks amazing (or could've been had it not been axed).

It's depressing when promising games get tossed aside for another modern shooter or other easy money. RE: Outbreak 3 could rock hard though, so hopefully Capcom will revive the series.

BurnTheBlueSky3298d ago

Damn, Dead Rush looks like PS1 era. I'm in. Come on activision bring it back!

BabyColada3298d ago

Anyone else see a slight resemblance between Dead Rush and that recent arcadey zombie hit and run game? I can't remember what it's called but this game reminds me of it. Too bad it was canceled, it does look fun.