Lanraiders - Medal of Honor review

If you cast your memory back to the late 90’s with games consoles such as the Playstation and Nintendo 64 dominating the market at the time for household gaming, you should remember where Medal of Honor all started. Dreamworks Interactive put together a fine first person shooter on the Playstation in 1999, putting the player in the anguish and gripe of the World War era, throwing plenty of weapons, bullets and bodies your way as you progressed through the linear gameplay mostly shunned by today. But it was an instant Playstation classic wasn’t it? It worked and the developers made the right balance between action and story to create a series that is on its 11th year. Now in 2010, Dreamworks Interactive, now called Danger Close have reunited themselves once again with publishers Electronic Arts to give the franchise a much needed reboot.

Medal of Honor has been watched for almost two years of its development. Was it worth it?

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