Kids with Violent Video Games: Who's to Blame?

It’s not uncommon to see a minor playing a violent video game like those of the Call of Duty series, or to hear a minor crying over their mics in a round of Team Slayer. Both aforementioned games are rated M for Mature, so how are these minors getting a hold of these games? Are store clerks secretly letting 12 year olds purchase M Rated games to make an extra buck? If you’ve been to a game store lately you know that’s most likely not true as most people, even above the legal age, get carded for M Rated games. What is it then?

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big_silky3293d ago

The parents. I worked at Gamestop and saw it all day, every day. As long as it didn't have sex in it, mom was buying it for 'lil Jimmy.

theonlylolking3293d ago

I would say its ok but once games look like avatar cgi then that is when games have become movie like and MUST be monitored.