1UP Preview: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is All About Cops, Exotic Cars, and Autolog

1UP writes: "Forget about most of what you've seen from Need for Speed over the past eight years. With the exception of Most Wanted, Criterion is abandoning much of what Need for Speed has been about in that time span. Namely, gone are the tuners and Fast and the Furious-style storylines, and replacing them are exotic cars and extensive asynchronous multiplayer features in the form of something called Autolog."

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ShinMaster3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Had they not excluded tuners, this would have been an instant buy for me.

I like the whole throw back to the old-school NFS games without cheesy storylines, like Hot Pursuit 1 and 2.
But after introducing tuners and customization into the series, taking them out of the game feels like they left a hole.

I'll just let them do what their doing for now and hope for a 'Most Wanted 2' later in the future.

Pandemic3292d ago

Can't wait for this game, looks awesome.