Alan Wake - The Writer is the Absolute Worst Kind of DLC

Rely on Horror: The DLC in itself might be a bit of fun, but what it means for gamers down the road is pretty hard to swallow. Also, it doesn't even deliver on it's promise! Will Alan Wake ever get a proper ending?

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BannedForNineYears3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I never bought a single piece of DLC in my life......No joke......Excluding free LBP DLC. :|

MiloGarret3295d ago

I take it you're extremely poor?

Shanks3295d ago

Some of us only pay money for a physical copy.

8-bit3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Some of you are missing out on some great DLC experiences then.

There are some DLC that are worth it and some that just plain aren't. MW2 DLC can rot for all I care, not going to buy maps that I own on COD4 disk. On the other hand paid DLC for LBP is amazing. The marvel levels are worth every penny.

HolyOrangeCows3295d ago

"Will Alan Wake ever get a proper ending?"

Probably not until you've spent $60 on DLC.

Masamori Sumimura3295d ago

im pretty sure alan wake DLC are free. stop complaining kid.

Redempteur3295d ago

are you SURE ...???????

isn't it 560 points Microsoft ??

MiloGarret3295d ago

The first one is free if you bought the game new, the second costs 560 points.

coolbeans3295d ago

While that seems a bit sad from what I was anticipating from the DLC, there's also the sense it's always had of "suspending the mystery" when you consider it's like a TV show. However, that idea in it of itself is disgruntling since hardly any games try to do that.

sukru3295d ago

I loved the game, the atmosphere, the pacing of the story. However I did not like the ending, or the second one. Now they tell me even the third one is lacking.

I can understand that the small team cannot perfect details like facial animation. However everything was the story in the game, and they are afraid to complete it. Any ending would be fine, even an ambiguous one.

Solidus187-SCMilk3295d ago

this writer is just whining because there is going to be an AW 2.

mcstorm3295d ago

I hope they do bring a AW2 out so far Alan Wake is my game of the year loved it. This game looked stunning played well and the story was good too. I look forward to playing this DLC to see if it dose end the game or not.

dead_eye3295d ago

he's whining cos it should have been in the game to begin with and there isn't going to be AW2 (or slim to none chance)

dragonelite3295d ago


Don't they show a new book alan wake has written "The Return" where he writes how he got out of the darkness have not played the game but a buddy told when he tried to tell me there's a sequel coming.

Hands Up For Games3295d ago

What a joke of an article even if it is an opinion piece.

Alan Wake the retail game had a conclusive ending that finished off the 1st Season perfectly.

The 2 DLC episodes simply added to this finale, without spoiling it for anyone, if you enjoyed Alan Wake the you will really enjoy The Writer and it sets it up perfectly for the 2nd series. In my opinion of course.

dragonelite3295d ago

Yeah your right.

I dont think people get it that alan wake/remedy are trying to make it more like a tv series. And i really did enjoy playing a episode each night.

radphil3295d ago

I find it ironic that you say the article is a joke even if it's an opinion piece, and then you leave off "in my opinion of course" :p

KiRBY30003295d ago

"Alan Wake the retail game had a conclusive ending"

i finished the game last week, there was nothing such as a "conclusive ending". its the opposite, the game ends like there is another episode about to begin... but there's not (unless you get DLC but apparently even the DLC is a let down).

i was so hyped for this game and the story but it's just a bunch of cliché that makes no sense, i feel like they tried to put all the cool stuff from tv shows or movies they liked and then tried to make a story out of it. in the end, the story feels cheap and completely unoriginal.

-so people, any ideas for our new project "Alan Wake"?
-yeah boss, that black smoke monster was pretty cool in LOST, lets put it in our game!
-ok, jerry how about you?
-hum, people like wtf endings so lets randomly insert a clone of the main protagonist somewhere.
-excellent, what else? bob?
-there is this game i really like, silent hill 2, it takes place in the woods kinda and there's a lot of fog...
-interesting. hey peter are we good on the gameplay part?
-oh, we scraped everything, we're making a linear shooter instead.
-alright good job everyone, and remember we've only got about 7gigs of disc space. but dont worry guys, microsoft called and they say we can sell the rest of the game as DLC episodes.
-holy cow! these guys are brilliant!

and now i got to buy 2 DLC an hope for a proper ending? im sorry but what a ripoff. i feel cheated.

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The story is too old to be commented.