Weapon Wheel Confirmed For Resistance 3

James Stevenson has confirmed the return of the Weapon Wheel in Resistance 3 via a NeoGaf post.

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TheLastGuardian4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Thank God. Taking the weapon wheel out of Resistance 2 was a big mistake.

UnSelf4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

smh @ Insomniac

disagree all u want. Games are supposed to simulate realism

Perfect Dark was fun and had a weapon wheel too but times have changed

edit: They didnt have to bring back the wheel, all they had to was allow you to carry what weapons u wanted and not limit you to a pistol.

e.g. a RL on ur back wit 2 different pistols in ur holsters. a shotgun around one shoulder, a rifle in ur hands, a .22 in ur boot, and a combat knife attached to ur leg.

u can drop weapons at the touch of a button, equip em how u many options

what are wrong wit these devs nowadays???

how about this: ok, we'll allow you to hold as many weapons as u want, however the more you hold the more limited your movement is?

easy, applicable, simulates realism, adds weapon wheel, makes sense, no 2 games are alike, variety, replayability


ExplosionSauce4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

The weapon wheel in Resistance:FOM was awesome and separated this PS3 game from the rest in the genre.

R1 had more of an Insomniac-like signature, as traces of their R&C games could be found.
R2 just felt more like an average/generic shooter and ultimately different than R1.

raztad4020d ago


" Games are supposed to simulate realism"

I dont think games arent supposed to be anything but entertaining. Some simulate realism, some dont.

Did I say


masterofpwnage4020d ago


um games doesnt always have to be realistic.
but your last isea was good.

its like oblivion

HolyOrangeCows4020d ago

"smh @ Insomniac
disagree all u want. Games are supposed to simulate realism"

"Games are supposed to simulate realism"? No, no, no; I'm shaking MY head.

The Great Melon4020d ago


Games are supposed to simulate realism?!?!
I will disagree with that statement, however there is a place for the type of games that have encumbrance. Oblivion worked great with mechanic even if it was only just go or no go. I know have played something that used that before, but I can't remember the name right now.

Bathyj4020d ago

Thank the Lord, thank the Lord.

I'm so sick of this "Halo only had two weapons, we all have to do the same" crap.

I want to carry every weapon I can find and have ammo for, so when I approach a situation I can decide which weapon to tackle it with, not just which one I happen to have in my hands.

Limiting your firepower in a stupid mechanic which everyone copied just because Halo was a hit and it wasnt even neccessarily the best thing for that game.

The only time I like it is in tactical shooters like Rainbow 6 or Flashpoint. Arcadey shooters, like Resistane, Halo and even Killzone which are more fantasy than realism should give you all the firepower you can find.

At the very, very, absolute minimum I would have a pistol on each hip, one or two rifles on my back, and one in my hands and a knife. Even keeping it semi-real you still would be carrying plenty of weapons.

kneon4020d ago

While I prefer R1 over R2, it had nothing to do with the weapon wheel. I would have preferred to not have the weapon wheel in R3.

badz1494020d ago

ok, now we're talking! I was so disappointed with the absence of the wheel back in R2 and I'm hyped now that it's gonna be back! WOOT!

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OhReginald4020d ago

thank you insomniac...thank you *wipes tear*

DigitalAnalog4020d ago

I just purchased R2, and I must say.... it looks very impressive along with the scale and number of enemies. But removing the weapon-wheel was just a disappointment.

-End statement

SonyOwnsNextYear4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Thank you insomniac for reading our gripes and taking us back to the original formula. the Bi-weapon scheme, while realistic, turned off many people to resistance 2.

I would like to see a Vast upgrade system as far as weapons and armor.
perhaps borrow some fundamentals from the ratchetNclank games.....

+1 first day buy.

@digital analogue:

i agree. i bought r2 on launch, and in its release window, nothing compared as far as presentation and polish.

perhaps they took it out because then the game would have been too easy...idk.... because i had a blast playing the game on the hardest difficulty.

raztad4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Weapon wheel is a must in R3 because two reasons, IMO

1) The huge variety of weapons Insomnia has in stock for their games. Such an arsenal seriously limited by the absurd restriction (CoD convections) of carrying only one at a time.

2) While such convection works well for a game like CoD were all the enemies are essentially of one type (so a single weapon suffice) it works against Resistance gameplay, which has different type of foes. Ultimately R2 opted for feeding you with the "right" weapon for a given situation totally destroying the tactical aspect of the game.

R3 is gonna be mindblowing. I can feel it. Insomniac is taking its sweet time with it and making the right decisions.

Bathyj4020d ago

Raztad, thats what I was getting at above.

I want to decide how to go about a given senerio, not have it decided for me by what weapon I happen to have at the time. Old school shooters like Doom never had that problem. You could run around the whole map at not use a gun and decide right at the end it was just what you needed. It allows for much more freedom in gameplay.

kneon4020d ago

I found both R1 and R2 too easy and I finished them both on the hardest difficulty. So I don't welcome the return of the weapon wheel at all. I'd rather have to live with my choices and make the best of it.

tinybigman4020d ago

all i need to say is


mastiffchild4020d ago

Article won't load but I'm pleased they're bringing back the weapon wheel and am praying Posho McBirdy returns to narrate the third game like she did the first. I liked Posho!

R3 just flew too close top Halo for my money and proved that what works for Bungie doesn't always wqork for everyone else-and besides pretty much everyone who is a fan of that particular game play style was already installed in the 360 Halo camp. I just douybt there was a big marklet there for a heavily Halo influenced PS3 shooter myself and taking R3 back to FoM basics is a sensible, crowd pleasing move which should serve us and insomniac well.

Aleusia4020d ago

im sick of simulated realism, why not just allow a bunch of weapons for the fact that it is more fun?

FPS gaming didn't start with the "lol u can only carry 2" rule and it shouldn't have it now, it's not an improvement, it's not an evolution. they could have done it from the very beginning at ID software but they didn't because it's a stupid idea. Halo brought that garbage in.

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Vegeta90004020d ago

Cause that's a big part of what ruined the 2nd game.

DarthMoose4020d ago

the regenration made sense since hale was infected witht the chimera virus

Vegeta90004020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

And you won't play as Hale in this game. You play as someone else who isn't infected so there shouldn't be fully regenerating health.

Also, Hale will obviously be the final boss as this game will be easy to predict much like Resistance 2, Heavy Rain, Red Dead Redemption, and other games that have a poorly told story.

dinkeldinkse4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

He was in Project Abraham with Hale and was also a Sentinel.

callahan094020d ago

I don't care if it made the first game unique, I absolutely HATED the non-regenerating health in Resistance. It served no purpose other than to make the game more difficult. Make the game more difficult with better AI and better battle structures, I say. I hated how I could get past a tough fight and have only 1 bar of health remaining and no health pickups left and then in the next fight there's no health pickups at all and I can't get through it because I don't have enough health going in. They need to strike a better balance. Resistance was the hardest FPS this whole generation and only for the reason of its health management system. I could do without that aggravation again.

Nitrowolf24020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

one of the many reason i didn't like R2
now they just need to make it more of survivor level for MP and less future style

ThisPlaceSucksBye4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Best game ever.

ThisPlaceSucksBye4020d ago

Keep it up with the disagrees.
I happen to find the story behind the Resistance games very fresh and interesting, and I can't wait for this.

SMW4020d ago

I rank the story in Resistance above half life. I think 2 was a bit off because it lost a bit of that grimey end of the world look, but if they nail the atmosphere and gameplay of 1 to the scale and graphics of 2, oh baby do we have a GOTY contender. For me anyway.

Relientk774020d ago

This is good news, I wonder y they took it out of the 2nd, oh well its back now

It's cool that the weapons now all upgrade

What I REALLY want though is a lot of NEW WEAPONS (besides the weapons coming back from previous games) Thats one of the things I love about Ratchet and Clank theres plenty of creative and destructive weapons

Makidian4020d ago

I think they may have been trying to conform a bit to what other shooters do and maybe increasing the popularity of R2. Clearly it pissed everyone off and with this news I'm hoping that they bring back the narration also.

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