GameTrailers - Super Scribblenauts Review

Maxwell's morpheme medley expands to adjectives! Can infinite options really improve?

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MachinaMaw2980d ago

Ah another fantastic addition to my DS collection.

DORMIN2980d ago

did you rike mah funny!?!?

WildArmed2980d ago

Man that looks like a really fun game to play.
I'd made a killer raccoon o_o

despair2980d ago

rabid chicken is what I'd go for

BannedForNineYears2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Wow, this game got released quickly. o.o
I totally forgot about this game... Rofl.
Sleeper hit maybe?

No way, you can control him with the D-pad now?! Phenomenal....No, I'm not being sarcastic....I had a huge issue with not being able to use the D-pad. xD

Lipscomba2979d ago

Great! so many games, too little time!

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