Lexus’ Driving Simulator, really the best in the world

If you thought airlines had the best aircraft simulators in the world, or if you thought the secret Ferrari simulator was awesome, then this newly designed machine from Lexus will blow those out of the water.

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RonyDean2926d ago

That is just amazing! I need one of those NOW!!!

DORMIN2926d ago

That was freaking amazing, but why is this in N4G?

Hydrolex2926d ago

but no imagine if that thing had online and you could race with other people !! OMGG

I bet you guys, one day video gaming will be like that ! maybe in 100 years but there will be a day like today when people from 100 years ago couldnt imagine

ConanOBrien2926d ago

should learn a lot from GT5, right?

ExplosionSauce2926d ago

Awesome! How much for one of these? Lol

hennessey862926d ago

playing gt5 in one of those WOW i need one

Sheddi2926d ago

Ive got one of those in my backyard, no really......

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alphakennybody2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

awesome, sell a kidney, an eye, and two or three major bank robbery and I could afford one of those.


Day one purchase for me....*snicker*

Speed-Racer2926d ago

Good stuff! Now to find myself a football field to put this in for when GT5 comes out.

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The story is too old to be commented.