DLB: Hands-on with Kinect for Xbox.

DLB goes to the California State Fair to get some hands-on with the Kinect for the Xbox 360.

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Moonboots3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I spent well over $150 for my Move setup. Sick of hearing about the price. It would be more of an impulse buy at $99, but for what it is, it seems priced alright.

Glad you liked Kinect and I agree you need hands on time before slamming it(just like my ladies). But the EyeToy comparisons quickly fade when you actually try it. I owned both the EyeToy and Eye and when I played Kinect it was different.

I'm with you, I won't be running out and buying it day one but if some software comes out that really gets me excited I will be picking it up.

Very professional video and great job DLB.

Otheros003295d ago

I own both the eyetoy and pseye and when I try it. Guess what. It was exactly the same experience I had with eyetoy. The eyetoy reads your movment by the change of colors and kinect actually detects your movments but when you include the lag on kinect they are pretty much the same.

niceguywii603295d ago

Just stop it already. Yeah Yeah Yeah the world is flat and the center of the universe.

Bigpappy3295d ago

PS3 haters alway pushing their 2D eyetoy as the same as a 3D Kinect. Doesn't even make sense when I type it.

Apocalypse Shadow3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

after seeing bold faced lies in 2009 with natal and that commercial video.

then no new games at TGS 2009.

then no new games at CES 2010.

then no GDC games or presentation for developers in 2010.

then another bold faced lie with MIMING and no cameras at a staged event before E3 2010 and Itagaki standing there looking dumbfounded.

then another weak presentation at E3 with more bold faced lies with microsoft using a little girl to sell a product and her getting SUPPOSEDLY,virtually licked by a tiger.

then more game announcements and NO GAMES SHOWN at TGS 2010.

and now we are coming up on release in november and the launch games look like they can be duplicated by not only pseye,but eyetoy on ps2.not only that,but game editors have no REVIEW kits for REVIEWING as the GI editor stated on twitter.

YOU tell us what we should think of this product......DLB might say he likes it.but then people liked eyetoy and pseye which kinect clearly mimics.and i have both and clearly see the same gameplay being done.only difference is graphics..kinect doesn't just doesn't do anything new...

Bigpappy3294d ago

Very one who plays Kinect and say they didn't notice any lag are liars and were paid by M$. That is obvoius, what was I thinking.

What ever you and any other person who has a beef with Kinect, has to say about Kinect wether you have ever play it or not, is factual, as you are know to have no bias and are completely honest. I trust you more than I trust myself. Thanks for setting me straight. You friend Bigpappy.

uxo223294d ago

Finally a person that seem to be COMPLETELY honest about how he feels about Kinect. Much respect to DJDLB.

His delivery was clean, concise and to the point. HHG take note.

whitesoxfalife3294d ago

Bigpappy i was gonna say soment but ima let u do u but ima have fun with my kinect in my home right now guess ima liar then cuz i didn't notice but wait to counter ya point u and everybody else keeps forgetting it is a demo