Microsoft says it will take PS3 sales away at Christmas

Just when you thought that the war of the words was over between Microsoft and Sony, Microsoft has decided to lob a few more grenades to make sure that the tension doesn't die.

Dan Cornelius, marketing manager for Microsoft UK, says that the recent price drops for the Xbox 360 machines will take even more market share away from Sony during the upcoming Christmas season.

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bung tickler4989d ago (Edited 4989d ago )

everyone loves a good cat fight.

ISay4989d ago

microsoft is allready working on their next console itll take 3-5 years to be out, sony's console is future proffed 10 years out(just over 9 years left)sony is in it for the long hall, i own both systems ps3 is on track at twice the price of a low end xbox 360 the ps3 is staying very competive. so we should sto with these little battles and focus on whats going to give us the longest return for our money.

SlappyMcTaint4989d ago

And Sony will be tea-bagging Micro$haft by mid 2008 -so of course M$ has to talk all their sh!te now, while they're still ahead.

Gaming was never even close to how dirty and fanboyish it is now until M$ got involved.

brianpk804989d ago

If the PS3 is still Sony's prime offering from now until 2016, wouldn't it pale behind whatever Nintendo or Microsoft throws out there in the meantime?

SlappyMcTaint4988d ago

M$'s deeeep pockets will enable them to release the xbox 720 or whatever they think sounds cool and bigger than Sony, in probably another 4-5 years -maybe less. As soon as the PS3's momentum begins, M$ will dump the 360 and rush out the 720, which will probably have double the processors and triple the RAM, but still be PC-based, instead of pushing the envelope and truly being innovative.

brianpk804988d ago

Fair point. One thing that annoyed me about the Xbox 360 is that it cut short the original Xbox's lifespan prematurely. I didn't get an Xbox until Xmas 2004 and within months it was obsolete. I bought an Xbox as a gift for someone in early 2005 and a right afterwards, it was forgotten in favor of the 360 advent. I hope to not see another Xbox product until 2012. If my PS2 is still going strong until 2007, I don't see why it's unreasonable to get more than 5 years out of the 360.

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23478ueyur_9382234989d ago (Edited 4989d ago )

I agree that the Premium/Elite and 60Gb/80Gb models will battle, but I don't think the Core will take much steam away from potential PS3 owners, but rather potential Wii owners.

And of course the battle of words will continue, it doesn't end.

ShiftyLookingCow4989d ago

its a game in itself and its too much fun

Bloodmask4989d ago

With the premium 360 coming in at just $350 for everything you need for a total HD gaming experience.

And the PS3 starting at $500 or maybe even $600 if all the 60 gig models are sold out by then. You are talking a $150 to potentially $250 price difference bw the PS3 and the 360. With the cheapest 360 starting at just $280 for the Arcade model.

Not to mention the 360 has a far larger and more diverse games catalogue out right now and by Christmas it will only be larger. The average Joe doesn't care about Bluray, WiFi, Card Readers...etc..They care about price and games.

Price is very important just look at the Wii in retrospect.

schabeugen044989d ago

well said u actually have some good point bubbles for u. it good to see u not blatantly rip into sony but give something with thought i applaud u. here i was thanking you were a 360 fanboy when really you are just pro 360 nuthin wrong with that

DJ4989d ago

Sony actually has a more diverse lineup, as well as a larger lineup of high-quality platform exclusive titles. And with PS3 sales having a significant effect on Blu-ray Movie dominance, I think it's safe to say that a large amount of potential PS3 owners are fully aware of what the PS3 runs off of. In fact, it's unavoidable. Nearly every PS3 dev is yelling about how beneficial the format has been for their games.

ISay4989d ago

of course people are going to buy the cheapest **** out their but the ps2 had the same problems when it came out and its important to educate people so they make good purcases 1. blu ray movies dont look that much better than dvds, but thats not why sony put it in its their for the games thier are already games pussing 25 Gigs and thats 1st gen ps3 what do ya thinks gonna happen in 2 years 2. wifi inclusion: in the states ill give you thatnot every body needs it , but around the world thats standard remember that ps3 is a globel consumer product

DrWan4989d ago

How much will it cost you to go online for 4 years with the xbox. you need to take things into account buddy, and every PS3 is equip with HDD and bluRay (this will definately be use during the holidays during family gathering).

ip-student4989d ago

Now that MS has allowed games to require the HDD, the advantage of the Bluray is gone (this doesn't lock anyone out - it just requires the core owners to get with it). You can create procedurally (the XBOX 360 has this nice hardware feature that helps in that regard) and the size of the optical storage is irrelevant (hence the bluray advantage becomes merely a stone around Sony's neck). $350 for a premium with HDD and HDMI is a pretty great deal (I wish I had HDMI but then I would have to get a new receiver so I guess it is not a big deal...).

Anyway - with the new falcons I think the hardware will be close to perfected (my three month after launch unit is working well but who knows for how long - being an earlier adaptor always sucks). MS can probably sell a premium version for $300 and still make a small profit. I just don't see Sony ever closing the gap. I think the PS2 is going to die after 2007 and I don't think the PS3 is going to carry the load in 2008 because it will still be too expensive. So the title has officialy passed to Nintendo and MS - will the Wii be able to extend into 2008 or will it fade? If the Wii does not fade I will be amazed but time will tell.

Primetimebt4987d ago

I guess M$ forgot to tell you the only have 13.5gb of storage so how many games, plus all your saves is it going to take to fill it up? Blu Ray will alway have it's advantage over M$ required of HDD.

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power of Green 4989d ago

LOL One of my buddies dad Just picked Up the Core for $270 and Madden, he doesn't play games but was over at a get together and had to have the game. lol

TeCh774989d ago

Oh joy, another EA sucker is born.

Numark4989d ago

it doesnt mean the 360 is the better system, but i do think its true. It is the cheaper console with more quality games coming this year. It is just how it is. And guess what, the wii will sell the most.

Sales dont determine how good you console is, or else we would all be playing the Wii....