Today's sneak-peakiest video: Halo 3

Spoiler alert? The video includes a cinematic scene and gameplay footage showing off the Hornet, Gravity Hammer, and other new goodies.

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Venom_Blood4164d ago

very good details from far away.

Bloodmask4164d ago

I wonder if that is a one man vehicle though. And the gravity hammer will make multplayer a little more interesting. All the new things that are being added to this game are amazing.

Come September 25th XBOX live is probably going to overload....

Schmitty074164d ago

Is driven by 1 person and has the ability for two passengers on each wing. Passengers with rockets or Spartan Lasers would be kickass.

SF49er4084164d ago

Everything looks way more polished. character models look really good and those cutscenes were friggin awesome. bioshock is awesome halo 3 will be up there wit it

MoonDust4164d ago

The cutscene looked really good.

blikz4164d ago

i really impressed with the graphic.The detail are awesome.The HDR are perfect..Those who disagree me must be other fanboy....hahahahaha!!!!

SaMiR1114164d ago

NONONONO!! i cant belive halo 3 looks amazing the best!

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The story is too old to be commented.