Valve's Next Game Announced Tomorrow on GameInformer

GameInformer: "With a wide range of games as incredible and beloved as the Half-Life series, Portal, Team Fortress, and the Left 4 Dead games behind them, Valve has become one of the most respected developers in the industry. When they announce a new game, it's a big deal. Tomorrow, they'll do just that right here on the Game Informer website."

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Fred-G-Sanford2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

If the announcement is not Half-Life related, I doubt I will care all that much.

I'm getting tired of waiting year after year for Episode 3, while watching games like Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 get released. :/

gamer20102980d ago

I am excited to play anything from them, but I also hope it is Episode 3. Or is there any chance that they would just jump into a full blown Half Life 3? Either way, I just want some more Half Life.

LoVeRSaMa2980d ago

And a new counter-strike game please.

Why do valve always break there counter-strike games towards the end of there lives?

toaster2980d ago

lol This is very typical of Valve. They dropped Alien Swarm on a whim, became a hit with about zero advertising and people only knew about it week before it released.

I've been playing DotA for a long time and looking forward to a new DotA from Valve.

tacosRcool2980d ago

I NEED EPISODE 3!!!!!!!!!!!

So why won't Valve deliver? I seems like they are doing a Duke Nukem Forever

frostyhat1232979d ago

Wonder if it will be any good?

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ReservoirDog3162980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Oh wow. That's pretty big news.

I can only hope for HL2 ep 3.

@ above

Haha, no! It has to be HL2 ep 3!

DigitalAnalog2980d ago

Valve makes GREAT games.

-End statement

Faztkiller2980d ago

What do you think it will be? New Ip?

LtSkittles2980d ago

I have no idea Valve are sneaky people

TheLeprachaun2980d ago

Yeh this is pretty out of the blue alright.

dkgshiz2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

L4D is pretty mediocre. It gets boring in less then 3 hours by yourself. 6 hours if your playing with friends. Anything Left4Dead related will be pretty disappointing for me.

Pandamobile2980d ago

For the love of god, stop saying that.

Next = New. Not port of a 2 year old game to the PS3.

NoOoB1012980d ago

@ panda
He could be talking about LFD3? not just a port that way its a new game for both consoles.

I would like to see a new IP though, but I like left for dead as well so we will see.

imvix2980d ago


L4d is the best coop shooter out there, i am not talking about the xbox 360 version, The PC version looks great and mods give the game an extended life. Too bad PS3 only gamers never got to expereince it.

likedamaster2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Valve knows better than to give us L4D3, we just don't want it. 1 & 2 were more than enough. It's a new game(or should be).

Now whether it's a shooter or not, I doubt it'll be the game I'm expecting. EPISODE FRIGGIN 3!! :(

jeeves862980d ago

Gonna go out on a limb here and say I hope not. PS3 doesn't exactly have the best co-op modes out there. I'll concede to MS for that one...and L4D is pretty damned boring without some people to play with...

I hope it is L4D related though...even if it is on the ps3. Maybe a little bit of something for everyone, eh?

KeiKei2980d ago

left 4 dead is not boring. if you havent played 10vs10, then you are missing out.

Vegeta90002980d ago

Fine. L4D3 should be exclusive to the PS3 then.

Dr-Zoidberg2980d ago

Love me some L4D most played games this gen.

likedamaster2980d ago


You've got the idea.

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IaMs122980d ago

Oh Valve i hope its not a new IP it better be freaking Half Life 3 or Episode 3!! Damn them if they start a new IP, for once, i dont want a new IP i want to finish what i started :(

Bathyj2980d ago

Halflife 3 is going to be PS3 exclusive and supportted with mods and free DLC.

Jack-Pyro2980d ago

Yes and then Santa Clause and Jesus are going to come down in the Great Space Coaster, and do our Taxes for us.

DarthMoose2980d ago

He better damn well, the fat man not only ate to many of my cookies last year but drank all our damn milk! :(

cayal2980d ago

"He better damn well, the fat man not only ate to many of my cookies last year but drank all our damn milk! :("

I think you can claim that on tax.

DarthMoose2980d ago

oh thank goodnes,I was worried for a minute there o.O

DirtyLary2980d ago

But Jesus doesn't exist.

antz11042980d ago


Bet the disagree was lactose intolerant, lol.

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karl2980d ago

well its coming to ps3.. no doubt but it will be multiplatform

thats obvious ... actually the only unconfirmed version that we know will be there for sure.. its PC. thats it..

lets hope there is a 360 and ps3 version...

imvix2980d ago

Lets hope there isnt a console version, it will just hold PC back.

karl2980d ago

nah... i dont think valve would do such a think...

pc version would just be better

Bathyj2980d ago

Imagine the Gravity Gun with Move support.

Being able to hold a mailbox or fuel drum and then use it as a melee weapon.

NewsForMe2980d ago

Its called a mouse and I love it.

rroded2980d ago

possible on the ps3 like in u3 but the moves a lot funner XD

lets all hope for a halflife multiplat n see what they can really do with the ps3 :)

likedamaster2980d ago

"Imagine the Gravity Gun with Move support."

I like the way you think.

DOMination2980d ago

People need to stop being confused between half life 3 and half life 2: episode 3. If there is a hl3 Nd I'm sure there will be then it won't be announced let alone releAsed for years