David Jaffe On Playing As MOH's Taliban: "I Simply Could Not Play"

The inclusion of the Taliban in Medal of Honor has riled up the media, family members of veterans, and the military itself. On top of these groups, they've also affected the outspoken David Jaffe. On his Twitter page, Jaffe writes the following:

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coolbeans3292d ago

Would it make him feel any better that they're now named Opposing Force?

WildArmed3292d ago

He isn't saying the game should be boycotted.. heck he is even against the fact that they changed the name from Taliban.
He just prefers not to play as the Taliban.
Simple as that, he really isn't hating on the game.
Just like i don't wanna play as Valor in MaG o_o
(though not for the same reasons as Jeff not playing "Talibans")

SnuggleBandit3292d ago

Everyone always twists, exaggerates, and simplifies what jaffe has to say.

Jaffe is the man, end of story.

guitarded773292d ago

But how else are they gonna get hits?

-Alpha3292d ago

Well said SKV, my WKC-addicted friend :D

Everybody has a limit. I wonder how many of you feel about rape simulators, games killing Jews, games where you play as school shooters, etc.

All of which actually exist on the internet. How many of you would be too offended to play those games? Be honest.

TheLastGuardian3292d ago

Jaffe is gonna be pissed. He hates when people take his words out of context. He even said on one of his vblogs not to get on N4G and twist his words by making a sensationalistic headline. He says this at 7:20 of this video.

goflyakite3292d ago

Commenting on this whole thing in general;

What I don't get is why changing the name of the Taliban fixes anything or is considered a win for the people boycotting the game.

I can still go in the game and choose "OpFor" and kill "American" soldiers. Wasn't this whole thing started out of respect for the people fighting over there? Yet I can still kill them in the game. It doesn't make any sense to me.

DarkFantasy3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Alpha-Male22 what game did you kill jews in.. the only thing i can even think of would be WAW but even then you where killing Nazi's Not jews, i don't remember any one saying they where a jew in COD:Waw :P ..and i like WW2 games probably because i love ww2 history. i really think its just too soon to be playing as the Taliban while its still a on going war right now,and fresh on every ones minds.

Make Love..Not War...;)

XxZxX3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I would love to slaughter alot of them in MOH.. hahhaa when i'm on taliban side, I would just suicide which what they are good at. Stay true to reality.

tacosRcool3292d ago

a game is a game and who cares who plays who. Ying Yang baby

SephireX3292d ago

I agree. I personally couldn't care less about who I play as in games. I like killing people in games but I wouldn't like killing people in real life. Anyway, everyone to their own. Though why do you not like playing as Valor?

Cerberus21253292d ago

I tell you what.this too soon thing is bull,If I had a problem with killing a digital representation of a soldier today,fighting a digital representation on an ongoing War,I'll have a problem doing it 100 years from now;so, you're telling me that,if I kill someone you care for,you'll only hate me for as long as it is fresh in your mind?.I don't think so.

Neko_Mega3292d ago

I hate Valor!!! Thanks to them my Raven account isn't Ven. anymore.

That and I hate the cowboy music this play >_<

Bass_fisherman3292d ago

Im sorry but Raven are faggots

Domer253292d ago

Good idea, we should make a game that includes all that plus stealing cars...Oh wait.

CimmerianDrake3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Is it just me, or is this... you know... just a game?

Like seriously, if you're that attached, I think you have bigger problems. Just my opinion.

Games are not meant to be taken literally. It's about living things you may not be able to live, even if it happens in real life. Some people really need to just learn that it's just a game, it isn't real life. And if you have a problem with a game because it hits too close to real life, then your real problem is real life and maybe you should get a group of like minded people and do something to stop it.

You don't like the war in Afghanistan, speak out about it, vote against it, and stop paying taxes. Simple as that.

WildArmed3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

The only reason why I dont wanna play Valor is because I don't have ANY friends in Valor atm.
I have quite a few friends in SVER (including Aplha ofc!)..
and alot more in my home-faction, Raven.
Currently in SVER, completing a Veteran run.

I might go to Valor next just so i can do a full run.. but only if i can convince a few friends to vet w/ me lol

Otherwise, it's back home to Raven.

DarkFantasy3291d ago


you couldn't of missed my point any more then you did if you tried.its not "bull" at all, you don't know what the family's of the dead solders go through its not a easy,and out of respect for the fallen solders and there family's i think it is too soon it really is,the Taliban are some messed up people,they will force you to join them or kill you,force you to suicide bomb and its considered an honor to do so and if you don't do it,guess what... they kill you..they shouldn't even have the right of even being in a game they kill there own people and our solders,rape women hell they would kill there own mother of sister they are not honorable they have no respect for there fellow man and are terrorist.

";so, you're telling me that,if I kill someone you care for,you'll only hate me for as long as it is fresh in your mind?.I don't think so."

no,i didn't even say that your twisting my words around or greatly misunderstanding them,why are you sticking up for playing as the Taliban in a video game what makes it relevant that in any game that they need to be called the "Taliban" for you to enjoy it.

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon3292d ago

@David Jaffe

well that's because you're a f**king idiot.

yewles13292d ago

The one that didn't read the article correctly is the actual idiot.

gcolley3292d ago

i read it and came to the same conclusion, that or he is full of shit.

visualb3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

*claps slowly...and ironically*

he just said HE PERSONALLY couldn't do it, but that its only his reaction, and that he sees no problem at all in playing as Taliban.

honestly calling someone a f**king idiot because of their personal take on something is being a f**king idiot. he isn't telling anyone what they should or shouldn't feel, he's just stating his reaction.

look at me, I personally can't stand watching the Jersey Shore, it makes me feel depressed, but if you do, thats fine. -> same thing

maniacmayhem3292d ago

So just because this group of terrorists was named the Taliban he doesn't feel right playing as them?

What about all the MW games, Battlefield games and games where you play as Nazis. Did he feel bad playing as them?

This guy is an idiot and shouldn't talk making a game about extreme violent vehicular homicide.

Now if he compared playing the "Taliban" to say playing the Protoss then I would understand.


IcarusOne3292d ago

Why is it that forums and message boards seem to exclude the possibility of respectful discourse?

If you disagree with EA's decision to change the name, that's fine. If you don't find it offensive, that's fine. But if you can't even possibly see how it could be offensive to some, then you're an insane narcissist. As I have a several friends in Afghanistan, I would find any game that allows for someone to claim "Taliban Wins!" in poor taste.

And for those of you screaming "censorship!", grow up and deal with it. It's everywhere. They didn't change any of the gameplay or features associated with the game. Just the name. If you ABSOLUTELY NEED to be able to play as the Taliban in order to enjoy something like this, please, I beg you, find a therapist. Find five.

maniacmayhem3291d ago

Let me ask you, whats the difference if it says:


Aren't both one and the same. Whats the difference with any other game that featured the player as a terrorist? where you offended then? And how is it in any poorer taste when an opposing team other than AMERICA wins?

All of a sudden Nazi's winning a match is okay but Taliban...ooooh boooy butt hurt time.

The Taliban is a part of life, it happened, it's real. Get over it! Our brothers and sisters over there are fighting so we can play games like this. Imagine if the Taliban won, imagine what FPS's would be like then...HELL there wouldn't even be any video games period.

JLeVRT3292d ago

needs to man up and get over it

PostApocalyptic3292d ago

Jaffe is just taking the politically correct stance. Oh well. The whole video game war genre is a farce anyway so it doesn't matter.

Go to war for real and shoot as many people as you like can keep telling yourself you are the "good" guys when all you really are is just a pawn in a much bigger special interest game.

PostApocalyptic3292d ago

Once some of you realize that our own government lies to the people you'll be better off!

Here's a funny Ronald Reagan video (support the Taliban! My oh my, how things change)!

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Raoh3292d ago

people take things too seriously..

killing vietnamese and russians are still ok though right? or each other?

i have a brother, sister in law and nephew in the army who have been shipped to war and conflict for the past 20+ years... and we are not offended..

waitandsee3292d ago

---and therefore no one can be offended, right? Believe it or not it is their right to take it seriously or be offended, as it is a right not to be.

I have bought game. I am not offended, but will not play as the Taliban.

thehitman3292d ago

Dont have to buy the game at the same time so boycotting something u are not forced to buy its kinda dumb.

KingKiff3292d ago

Some people are so ignorant (not you just people).

it is the same as COD4 when people would always select the marines as they say I will never play as a "towelhead"...

get over yourselves.

Anyone who says they won't play this game because of the Taliban or that they won't play as the Taliban are silly fools. Offended or not, grow the F up already.

it's a game not real life. People can use the same retarded argument not to play any war game ever made in that case. we have all been someones enemy at some point or another. It would be like British people not playing Age of Empires 3 because the American team kills the British team and they went to war in the past so people might be offended right?

What a stupid debate this whole Taliban thing has been since word go.

if you don't support the war,support your troops. But keep it in reality people.

I ask if you are not offended why not play as the Taliban???

gcolley3292d ago

gotta love americans. happy to shoot the brits in real life but can't shoot an american in a game

waitandsee3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

The same reason I do not play as a nazis or whatever. I am sh*t at MP. SP only.

chilled2m3292d ago

So, do you immediately exit the game every time it casts you as opposing forces in MP?

Mmmkay3292d ago

i guess the MP i dead then, since nobody are gonna play as taliban....

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Troll_Police3292d ago

Shut up and get back to work on Twisted Metal.

LordMarius3292d ago


You make serial killers but you cant play as a terrorist, what a *****

rroded3292d ago

yeh sum of the most twisted characters ever lol
yet he cant play the taliban is it just me or the world getting crazier by the day?

ExplosionSauce3292d ago

The title and what he said were somewhat taken out of context.

Blaine3292d ago

I bet you guys would argue to death that video game violence isn't comparable to real life violence, and that violent games don't make you violent.

Yet here you are, criticizing the guy, basically calling him a hypocrite, because he creates some of the most twisted fictional characters and at the same time he can't play as a fictionalized version of real life terrorists.

Maybe you need to figure out which side of the argument you're on.

MrChow6663292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Exactly, because it looks like sh*t

Chnswdchldrn3292d ago

whenever i play as taliban I type in chat stuff like




or like


at the beginning of the round to get into character

it makes me laugh

LordMarius3292d ago

it might actually be worth buying just to say that, lol

rroded3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

for makin me use google

Allāhu Akbar (الله أكبر). Usually translated "God is [the] Greatest," or "God is Great"

sounds like a blast just hope your not playing on live cause you'd get flooded with hate mail lol

gcolley3292d ago

everything is a dig with you. just go away already

Snakefist303292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Even though Im a Muslim I also hate the Taliban.ALOT!! I read an article of a taliban cuting a poor girl's nose cause she didnt follow the rules thus destroy her beauty.This makes me hate the taliban more.

outwar60103292d ago

seriously WTF is wrong with you. You cant say things like this they do offend

KingKiff3291d ago

It's a free world he can say what he likes.

One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.

Remember we invaded their country not the other way around.

It's all just differing points of view on the matter. No-one is on the good side weather you believe that "god" supports "us" or "them" or not. Or weather we should be there or not.


Delicious Malicious3292d ago

Most Iraqis I knew understood M4 Fluently...
When the US is under Marshall Law and the military goes house to house. I will make sure to be the 1st one who stacks on your door. 4 of my fellow Infidels behind me with itchy trigger fingers. I pray your screaming "death to american pigs", getting into character as we come through your front door. The only introduction will be my buttstock you fuck

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Goaliegeek3292d ago

But in MW2 you can be an American and kill fellow Americans. Makes a whole lotts sense.

renegade3292d ago

No Russian mission maybe an example.