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Shamuz3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Awesome, can't wait!

UP3025d ago

That is what i have been wanting ever since resistance 2. Hopefully we also get mods like in ratchet.

Sevir043025d ago

The weapon system in upgradable weapons is really exciting. and now the story sounds more personal!!! which is what we wanted. with hale.

The part where nothing runs on gas but Chimeran energy cores has me tingling with delight. infiltrating chimeran ships to get the same energy cores back in both Resistance: fall of man and Retribution to power everything makes for a great currencie. :-) i love the direction Insomniac is taking with this. Mankind is in it's darkest hour and survival is a Must.

Thank you insomniac. now show everyone else the fruits of your labor.

Time for Subway!!!

morganfell3025d ago

I like what Insomniac said about the story when a poster stated Capelli was with Malikov to save his son:

"The main thing is, Capelli isn't going to NYC to save Jack or get him the Hale Vaccine. That vaccine widely exists in 1957 amongst survives. He has other reasons that will be made more clear later."

Then there was this:

Weapon wheel confirmed.

ReservoirDog3163025d ago

Weapon wheel! And everything else! Can't wait!

WhittO3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

African Prison?!

Maybe this campaign goes to other places other than just the U.S ?

Also, glad to hear they are bringing co-op back into the campaign, the multi-player co-op in R2 was good but it really got boring fast since there were so few maps and once you have been through the cycle of spawn points etc there was no reason to play.

"The Mutator" weapon sounds so good haha, will be fun to use.

PshycoNinja3024d ago

the Halestorm. I think that was the greatest weapon ever.

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DatNJDom813025d ago

Resistance 3 sounds like its gonna be a beast of a game! Cant wait. Have every Resistance game. I just hope PSP Resistance characters are there.

acedoh3025d ago

were two of the few games I actually played a lot of multiplayer on. For me it was easy to get into and become decent without getting beat up. It sounds like they are only improving the formula.

blusoops3025d ago

Climb thru windows and on walls
Upgradable weapons!
No longer military based it seems...seems like a more civilian story!
Best of all...Co-op campaign!

All i need to hear (or read) now is weapons wheel returns...

40cal3025d ago

Weapons wheel is the first thing listed.

blusoops3025d ago

Sh!t I can't believe I missed it! Lol!!

Thanks btw

blusoops3025d ago

BOTH online and offline....

DAY 1 baby!!

hobo513025d ago

damm the plot sounds good, but would be amazing if they go into the selfishness of the human race and maybe even show capelli have to kill a few humans to save his son. capelli seemed like an asshole in r2 so instead of all of sudan be a superhero, build on what made the character. and the game seems alot more survivalist, grenades that look like cans, crap i think im gonna LOVE this game!

mugoldeneagle033025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

"No alternate story co-op similar to Resistance 2" blows (loved it in R2) but everything else in there sounds pretty damn fun. And they still haven't said much of anything about online play, so I'm super optimistic in this being the best of the franchise.

Can't wait till next year

Pennywise3025d ago

Very upset about this exclusion. Coop mode was way more fun than competitive.

Jaces3025d ago

Oh hell yea, this is shaping up to be so much better than the second from the sound of it.

iPad3025d ago

Seems like Insomniac is going all out.

cayal3025d ago

What I love about the Resistance series is the amount of effort they put into the back story.

gameraxis3024d ago

is always 100% on the gameplay... i really want the graphics to look more like 1 did... except for the sewer, and fog level (where u get ambushed) in r2... i feel the art style as well as the graphics were twice as good in r1 than they were in r2

its just a shame, they were concentrating on color, abundance, and mass appeal... it seems that happens a lot, halo 1? superb, halo 2? sucked (mp was good) halo 3? a return back to the art style and roots of the series...

I KNOW everything else will be there, but i want a graphical STELLAR, and if u guys remember Ted saying "it seems we've always put too much emphasis on maintaining 60 frames, when we could have pushed the visuals alot more" .... 30-40 is FINE, almost every game does it... and at this point they may have better tools to keep it at 60 and have k2 graphics in a resistance art style... oh man, i got my hopes so high for r2 and got shot down, i just didn't like it... but i can't help but to get them high again for r3... i've always thought r1 was ten times better than 2.. lets hope 3 is all that the true fan of resistance is wanting out of the title...

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SoapShoes3025d ago

I want more! Gotta get the mag... This is like the only time where I've actually wanted to buy one.

Def Warrant3025d ago

I'm with you on that one mate :)

mayberry3025d ago

very anticipated! awesome story so far!

Jaws9023025d ago

Just make the online more like Resistance I.

Hardbladestone3024d ago

The need to bring back rooftop