Final Fantasy XIII Producer Wants a Sequel

Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase just wants his characters to have happy endings, even if it means making a whole new game.

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versusALL3289d ago

I wouldn't mind, just as long if its not as bad as X-2, but it probably won't be(I hope)

Megaton3289d ago

I liked X-2, even though pretty much everyone on the internet hates it.

Rai3289d ago

I actually think X-2 was better then 13 itself.

ExplosionSauce3289d ago

X-2 is better than XIII. But it still wasn't that good.

I can't imagine the nightmare XIII-2 would be, haha.
Is there really a need to expand on XIII's story?

Simon_Brezhnev3289d ago

Now that i think about it X-2 was better then 13. There is no need for a XIII-2. Watch it be a grown up gay ass Hope

Sevir043289d ago

FFX because i really felt that game needed a sequel. You aren't the only one who likes X-2. as for 13-2 Bleh! i hope not. They should give the game development over to Tetsuya Normura-san because he's the last bit of talent left at Square -enix.

ChineseDemocracy3289d ago

"Final Fantasy XIII Producer Wants a Sequel"

I don't.

ExplosionSauce3289d ago

Why disagrees?
I agreed with everyone on this thread xD

bakasora3289d ago

No please, it will be a waste of digital space and money.

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ThanatosDMC3289d ago

This is the other half of the game that was suppose to be whole... HAHAHA! Nice one SE!

n4gn4gn4gn4g3289d ago

but as far as FFXIII all I want is my money back.

Bobbykotickrulesz3289d ago

"Final Fantasy XIII Producer Wants a Sequel"


Eamon3289d ago

Totally agree with #2

ZombieAssassin3289d ago

I don't I put the game down half-way through and sold it for God of War.

Of course the guy is gonna want to though, it's work and he gets paid for it and since it has Final Fantasy in the title it will sell.

ZombieAssassin3289d ago

eh it's an MMO I don't think FF11 sold all that great either but i'm sure it'll still surpass 2 million world wide before it's time is done.

Gue13289d ago

What does he means when he say that he wants to make a story where Lightning ends up happy? I thought she was happy at the end of FFXIII after finally finding her sister. Or he means happy in the sense that she ends up in a romantic relationship with somebody?

Vegeta90003289d ago

No need for a sequel. It also played more like a spinoff than an actual FF game. It's the worst FF game ever made.

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The story is too old to be commented.