How FPS control on Kinect, and it isn't pretty.

Since the dawn of the Wii many have praised it's FPS controller setup. Metroid Prime 3, The Conduit, and Red Steel 2 have all proved how well pointer works for shooters. Now with Kinect and Move, Ps3 and 360 users can join in on the fun. Move has already shown it is capable of matching this control scheme, and now we see Microsoft attempt. Oh dear, it is not pretty.

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niceguywii603294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

And so it begins. Fanboys and media anti Kinect/360 SDF smear campaign in fuill gear as the 360 leaves PS3 in the dust. 360 vs Wii for now on.

"Kinect: Amazon UK no longer taking pre-orders"

"Kinect SOLD OUT at GAME in UK"

You can try and paint Kinect as you will based off of a single piece of software you're wasting your time trying to troll Kinect to failure lol.

No one is going to waste their money on a Wii clone that has no games designed for the tech when they have a Wii.

LMAO at PS3 fanboys pretending they know what Kinect can do and what will be developed for it.

MisterNiwa3294d ago

If you had just watched this footage you would eat your own words.

Well you are a fanboy and Anti-PS3 so who cares at all.

douchedebater3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

No doubt, it sure does seem that way don't it. I never really gave it any thought until your comment, but I must say I agree 100%.

Edit: The funny thing is the PS3 fanboys seem to spend more time on N4G trolling Kinect threads that actually using Move or their PS3s for that matter.

Hate and Jealousy makes people do some lame stuff. I'd rather be play a game using my hand as a gun, than using my hand as a kleenex as I type on a keyboard on N4G while crying like a little highschool biotch.

pwnsause3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

yes, let us play teh sales again. yes we are very, very scared about the awesomeSauce of the Kinect right now!!! /s

its going to be amusing after people buy this and witness themselves the crap they just bought.

Nitrowolf23294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Sadly that looks like the only area Kinect will succeed.
idk care how much this sells Kinect will fail in the game department for us hardcore gamers

Lets take a look at the vid shall we?

Notice the guy gives up and calls it stupid at the 00:30 mark
then at the 1:00 Mark the expression on her face

Also notice how this is playing?
Its not on rail meaning going same path, but the character continues to move around all over the screen you just have control of the direction and shooting. Thats prob. why the guy felt like that.

Leaves the PS3 in the dust??

you go ahead and defend a $150 camera that obviously isn't working here

sales is all what matters to you, pretty sad when they show you a game genre that most of the 360 fan base play and it fails to impress and you bring up sales? Wow, if sales is what is going to determine the winner of this motion sh1t, the bar far the Wii once again has one it. At least the Wii can handle shooters better.

So please continue to play Sales, while other people play games that actually work.

Usually i would just wait longer for them to prove to me that it can handle better games, but after this

no just no

Imperator3294d ago

Dude, it doesn't matter how much it sells, look at the damn video! It doesn't even work! How the heck can you be defending something that's over 100 bucks and DOES NOT WORK?

ZombieAssassin3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Don't know why Nitrowolf got a disagree, kinect will do it for the casuals for a while but for us hardcore gamers it doesn't have anything so far that could warrant a $150 price tag.

I'm more interested in some sort of horror type game with life-like graphics, now if we get one of those games with kinect and a few of games like that made I MIGHT pick it up, or they can drop the price to $50 then i'd pick it up for that mech game.

divideby03294d ago

niceguy clearly didnt watch the vid or he would not have embarrased himself with his comment

Shadow Flare3294d ago

I'm sorry man, I just finished watching that video, then I scrolled down the comments, saw your name niceguywii60 and expected the spin, and straight away read "BUH BUH BUH, TEH KINETC HAZ SOLD OUTZ" LOL

Who cares if it's sold out lmao. It offers nothing! What are you planning to play on it? This crap they showed in the video? And it's this crap that is taking microsofts focus away from your hardcore titles

And as regards that video....


-Alpha3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )


Your comment about how well it will sell is completely irrelevant to the topic of how the game controls FPS games. Nobody cares in this particular thread about sales.


I don't think it's on-rails. Look at the screen and you'll see a foot symbol. I assume you have to place your foot to move places, which is awkward. Perhaps if you put your foot forward you walk straight, and if you bring it back you stay still? That's how I always assumed it would work.

One can always fault the game and say future FPS's will work better but the video confirms several basic issues involving aiming and movement. It really is a hassle and I don't see any FPS working with Kinect.

Motorola3294d ago

So what if its sold out? I dont want to play THAT

kaveti66163294d ago

Wow, that's terrible.

It doesn't work with shooters.

But there is something to be said.

Is it, "It doesn't work" or is it "It doesn't work with shooters"?

I think about as far back as I can remember when this was announced, people were doubting that it would work with shooters.

I thought MS would have found a clever way to incorporate Kinect into shooters such as voice-recognition commands.

MS can probably release a peripheral that Kinect can track and identify as the "gun" marker, but that's just pointless and is no different than what the Wii and Move do.

SoSLy3294d ago

"LMAO at PS3 fanboys pretending they know what Kinect can do and what will be developed for it."

Im not a PS3 fanboy but I looked at the video and I got massive clue what the Kinect can do. Maybe you should be the one who should stop pretending. Dont worry, Ill take your statements seriously once you have more than ONE bubble, you troll.

karl3294d ago

lol dude

wii already has first place... its 360 vs ps3 for the second spot really...

ontopic= that was pathetic .. haha

Bigpappy3294d ago

What were you expecting from them?

gta_manic3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

and the beast shall wait for another article to waste his single bubble on...and feed again

gamingdroid3294d ago

Are there any bad games on the PS3? Lair comes to mind. Do we judge the PS3 platform by a badly designed game?

I don't think so! So why would you do that with Kinect?

DatNJDom813294d ago

.....but yea maybe we shoulda waited for the future to get here.....

So much for shooters on kinect. I guarantee that m$ will come out with a move style controller for this camera. I'm calling it now. Cause if they are serious about this its pretty much Sony's win.

Anorexorcist3294d ago

or he did, and he immediately decided to stick his little head into the sand to prevent any kind of memory imprint of it.

While you'll be playing...THAT...whatever the hell it was...and playing Teh Salez game, Everyone else will be playing Gran Turismo 5.

kneon3294d ago

What does that prove? Bestbuy also has the Move controller and Navigator back ordered with estimated delivery in 1-2 weeks.

This doesn't prove either product is any good, it just proves that production is insufficient for the demand.

Scary693293d ago


Dude you are an idiot did you know that the reason many stores sold out was because they only got a few in? You are a pathetic fanboy, research information before assuming why many are sold out you Moron.Stop being such a delusional fanboy and get with the program this is the same as the Wii. People buy it then return it.LMAO I wonder if they will give us numbers of how many kinects will be returned. Heh

prunchess3293d ago

How bad can Kinect get? As for sales - we're talking about a country (US) that voted an imbecile (Bush) in as it's president - it'll sell millions!

3293d ago
Rumbanana3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

which is why so many people are denying Kinect. Pew! Pew! Pew! It's pretty funny that Microsoft played the whole Nintendo card by paying celebrities to sing the praises of Kinect. The only difference is that Nintendo isn't all hype. Yeah, I'm a fanboy! Whatcha gunna do!

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King-Leonidas3293d ago

poor xbots... just let them be. If they preorder it it's their problem, im not gonna be the one going home with the Kinect just to find out it doesnt work.

frostypants3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I thought that "PEW PEW PEW" snark in that Kevin Butler ad was just exaggeration...but holy sh*t, that's really how it works?

Oh, dear.........

So let me get this straight: it's supposed to be "fun" just because you're not holding anything? How exactly does that make it fun? Innovative, maybe...but innovation without fun is meaningless. I mean, those people look bored silly. If only the game offered them some means of extended input capabilities, to add some depth to the experience...they could call it a "CONTROLLER".

This is bad. Really bad. I'd buy Kinect just for working in menu interfaces IF it only cost $50, but at $150, this is a joke.

number473294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

LOL come on really? Are they really PEW PEW`ing ?!?!?!?


Come on.

Heisenberg3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

It's worse than I imagined... Far worse. It's just such a fundamentally flawed piece of hardware, clearly. I don't understand how Microsoft is releasing such blatant junk in this day and age... I guess I wouldn't be surprised if it sold well due to incredible resources put towards marketing, but at the end of the day, it is what it is... Which is junk.

They're selling the IDEA of 'Kinect', that's all... if enough kids see enough misleading ads, parents will buy it, and a year later they'll collect dust. All Kinect will serve to do, is further emphasize the ever growing gap in quality between games on the 360/Kinect and the PS3. In other words, Kinect will only bring the 360 down... In my opinion, that is.

PHOSADRA3294d ago

Gaming with no controller isn't a bad idea (for some casual games)

But the technology for this to be effective just isn't available....or it is too expensive for companies and of course consumers to even bother with.

Another downside is the lack of available functions....only the most basic of FPS can be played with no buttons.

strickers3293d ago

Yes,it is a bad idea.I've played some Eyetoy/PSEye and believe me it gets boring once the novelty wears off.It was impressive 5 years ago but I guess that's part of the point with Kinect.Only 10.5 million people bought the Eyetoy so most people(believing the misleading press)think this a new idea and for them it probablt is.The thing is we humans like tools/weapons/bats etc.There aren't many activities not improved by them and Kinect itself is not going to measure up as game controller(to Move/Wii)no matter what the fanboys think.

Shadow Flare3294d ago

That video is classic. Oh maaan that's funny. Where to begin.....the game looks crap, it doesn't work, the people playing walked off sick of it, the graphics made my eyes bleed, oh man.

This can be yours for $150 folks


JokesOnYou3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I don't even think anybody would seriously try to play that. Shadow actually I think those interested in kinect are paying a $150 for games like Dance Central, Kinect Sports, Your Shape, Fighters Uncaged and the menu navigation features with xbl, all of which at least look enjoyable for casual audiences:
Also I'm betting games like Star Wars, Steel Battalion, Project Draco, Codename D will have alot more appeal to core gamers since they're going are being designed from the ground up with kinect in mind for core gamers. Either way in reference to this game you can hardly claim that "Deca Sports" is in anyway a true example of how any decent dev's will design a good shooter for kinect if it that is their intentions, I mean look at the wii theres are tons of completely shovelware BS games available and then there are some gems that show what the wii's hardware+motion controls are truly capable of, same as any other console peripheral, lets just hope kinect gets more of the good examples....hell I could of thought of a better game design than that. lol, Did you see how fcking confused those folks looked, lol pfft I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Still its all good, I dont think for 1 second any serious attempt at a true FPS will use this control scheme.


The Wood3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

you said 'that was terrible' about kinect...ive been away a long time it seems but yeah ground up development may yield better results but i doubt they'd be anywhere near as precise as we'd truly appreciate or need for many of the other genre types. Those clips did shed new light for me though. Not a dance game fan but kinect seems to work very well with that genre. that girl in the dip it low's buff btw;)

The Maxx3293d ago

You can add Steel Battalion to that list. Can't wait for Kinect enabled Steel Battalion. GOTY...for me at least.

fishd3293d ago

*falls off the chair*

moparful993293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

We are pointing out the obvious and inherent flaws with kinect.. Yea lair was a bad game but that wasnt because the system itself was flawed or limited, it was due to lack of talent on the deves behalf... This video clearly shows that kinect cannot do fps well and I've never doubted this point.. Its even more clear that kinect is micrsofts attempt at stealing casual market share.. They could care less if their core audience likes kinect or not.... Micrsoft is sending very clear messages that at this point they only care about marketshare and nothing more....

EVILDEAD3603293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

LMFAO @ pretending the Deco Sports Paintball represents what FPS is going to be like on Kinect..this fan blogger is actually comparing the Wii's Conduit and Metriod Prime to a mini-game?

How about keeping it real and comparing Wii's Deca sports 1 and 2 to Kinects Deca Sports: Motion..based on the vid..we all know the paint ball is going to be pretty (but then's a non-violent Paintball game aimed at the lil ones..who wants the 5 to 11 year old youngins to play 'No Russian' on COD:MW2..I'd rather them play this silly paintball game with mommy.

The video just proves why EVERY Deca Sports game is $19.99 on the Wii..

Who cares? It's a launch game for kids..It's still not even close to what future games like Steel Batallion will be like

I'll take Rare's Kinect Sports + Ubisoft Motion Sports for the Bowling and Football game and Game Party for my party game fix and Kinectimals for the youngins in the family

LOL @ anyone believing Xbox owners are buying Kinect for Shooters when Halo Reach just dropped and COD: Black Ops is around the corner

It looks like Deca Sports is to Kinect what Tokyo Riders is to Move..goofy games that people will end up buying when they are a fraction of their original price..


frostypants3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

"LOL @ anyone believing Xbox owners are buying Kinect for Shooters when Halo Reach just dropped and COD: Black Ops is around the corner"

Surely Microsoft will be retrofitting Halo Reach to work with Kinect, right? What's that...they can't? No controller = limited functionality? Admit it...they f*cked up.

And I LIKE Halo Reach.

It's not just PS3 fanboys bashing this thing, it's pretty much EVERYONE who isn't a 360 fanboy. I own a PS3, a 360, and a gaming PC. And while I'm still skeptical of Move and don't see myself buying it, THIS looks like complete and utter trash right from the gate. It's the NES R.O.B. robot all over again, only much, much, much worse.

Why can't you MS-bots be honest, here? Where are the IMPRESSIVE demos to counteract all of these bad ones? Surely you can point to some? I sure haven't seen 'em. Call a spade a spade here, fellas. This might sell to a few suckers on day one, but as gamers you should be offended.

EVILDEAD3603293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Surely Microsoft will be retrofitting Halo Reach to work with Kinect, right? What's that...they can't? No controller = limited functionality? Admit it...they f*cked up.

Not even close..NO ONE wants a Kinect Halo Reach..the 360 controller has been absolutely perfect for shooters since day one..

Tacking on motion controls to every game just to say you did means absolutely nothing.

Ask EA who couldn't even perfect Tiger Woods..when that game should have been a go-to game for Move..

Again..if you want to pretend a 'Paint ball' mini-game is all Kinect is about then have at it..don't buy it..who cares?

Child of Eden looks more than 'IMPRESSIVE'

Games like Kinect Sports and Motion Sports are perfect for the peripheral..

Kinectimals is perfect for the youngins

Dance Central and the Ubisoft fitness game are perfect for Kinect..

VideoKinect and the Dashboard controls are also why we want it

At the end of the day..I'll call a Spade a Spade too..only fan kids whine about about what other gamers buy and pretend they are sooo offended..we know what your really feeling

Gantrfaxx3293d ago

Visually this looks like a Wii game, but with much slower and less acurate controls. How in the world can this compete with Move and Kz3.

Shepherd 2143293d ago

It would be much easier to watch if this bastard would hold the camera steady.

frostypants3293d ago

Cut him a break...that girl at 1:00 was kinda cute.

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Dylantalon13294d ago

welcome to the future people, the future of rubbish. kinect only works when its being played by microsoft pr, so you know you know what that means.

feelintheflow3294d ago

haha Oh yeah I am sure it only works when being played by pr.

Rumor3294d ago

kinect faaaaayuuulzzzzz!!!

talltony3293d ago

I think its for "Eagle TALON"

feelintheflow3293d ago

he was always signing his posts with "the talon is for talent", but he won't acknowledge it anymore. i just find it funny.

XRider3294d ago

Do you one bubble trolls just sit and live in anything Kinnect so you can bitch about it?

westy5523294d ago

Even though he only has one bubble that demo was horrible, did you see the girl later in the vid trying to get the pointer to change for her, and she is looking at the screen going WTF?! And the big guy at the start was like ah **ck this piece of s***. Just saying he may only have one bubble but he does have a good point.

strickers3293d ago

At least know the name of the thing you are so avidly defending.Why is it hard to understand that people with more experience than you might be trying to do you a favour and save you some money?

PHOSADRA3294d ago

Gaming with no controller isn't a bad idea (for some casual games)

But the technology for this to be effective just isn't available....or it is too expensive for companies and of course consumers to even bother with.

Another downside is the lack of available functions....only the most basic of FPS can be played with no buttons.

moparful993293d ago

Like i've been screaming since kinect was announced there is no possible way to move around in 3d space within a game without an analog stick.. Yes micrsoft could easily implement a handheld device with buttons on it but then they lose the aww and wonder of a controller less input device and also shows that their device is flawed... But of course this video is screaming that very sentiment...

DatNJDom813294d ago

.....but yea maybe we shoulda waited for the future to get here.....

So much for shooters on kinect. I guarantee that m$ will come out with a move style controller for this camera. I'm calling it now. Cause if they are serious about this its pretty much Sony's win.


LightofDarkness3294d ago

You know, I don't think people realise what Kinect is about.

MS have been extremely intelligent about this product. It's not meant to be an FPS controller, or a hardcore controller. MS seem to have, at it's very core, understood what it is that makes the Wii so successful. It's not the accuracy or the hardcore appeal, it's that "WOW" factor. This is a money making machine. Companies like to make money. People are wowed very easily when they are shown some sort of pseudo hi-tech innovation, and that's what the Kinect does. Kinect per-orders are sold out everywhere, and it's not due to some conspiratorial marketing ploy. It's because the average Joe genuinely WANTS this thing.

MS know that motion controls simply don't work for twitch shooters and the majority of "hardcore" games. Think about it: do you REALLY think a Move player has any chance against a Dualshocker playing Killzone 3? I can guarantee that they don't, for the VAST majority of people. And it's simply because if you can be killed in between 1-4 shots, that deadzone is going make you a sitting duck. You won't be able to turn fast and accurately enough to face an unseen attacker. A dualshocker's view begins to move as soon as he touches that analog stick. You may say it's speculation, but you can quote this post when it comes out, if you so please.

Bottom line: Kinect doesn't have to be the perfect controller. It's not MADE for us. It's made for the "casuals." And it will sell by the millions.

jwatt3294d ago

Somebody should do a comparison between this and Socom

Motion3294d ago

Please, tell me ONE SINGLE thing that has "wow'd" you, other than how bad this is really turning out to be.

LightofDarkness3294d ago

Still, not getting it. It doesn't have to WOW me. It merely has to wow Joe Soap. He automatically equates Move with the Wii, except it's more expensive and has less games right now.

When he see Kinect, he will see that there's a rather glaring difference: the absence of any physical, hand-held controller. If you can't see how that matters you're deluding yourself. I've worked in two game retailers, I know my customers at this point.

radphil3294d ago

"Bottom line: Kinect doesn't have to be the perfect controller. It's not MADE for us. It's made for the "casuals." And it will sell by the millions."

That can be a bad thing, because tech may be stepping forward, but if this route keeps up, it's gonna take a step back in functionality and potential.

bviperz3294d ago

You left out the part about Kinect's price, which is much more expensive than both the Wii and the Move. At that point most 'Joe Soaps' will go, "Wow, hell no!"

Sheikh Yerbouti3294d ago

Joe Soap may also say "Looky here. The 360 has a camera. Looky here the PS3 has a camera and a controller like the Wii. Wow! The PS3 does do $50 cheaper."

My point is that Kinect is going to have to differentiate itself more from Move than not being a controller. The PSEye is out, having a camera on a console is not totally foreign to anyone who has a console. It is going to have to do this in the games, and SOME, if not many Kinect games are going to be shallow.

Shallow ~= Casual. Sudoku and Mah Jong are not shallow.

Personally, I didn't think that Kinect FPS was all that bad. Some technical difficult, uhm sure...but I'm going to wait until Microsoft shows it hand. It is great to circle jerk over the newest tech in games. Kinect is cool - it deserves it.

Still it is going to have to show some unique experiences - something that can't be duplicated or approximated with something else. And The PSEye/Move combo is SOMETHING ELSE.

As a gamer having companies adopt the same tech/games is great. It sort of makes it an "industry standard" to me - I have more faith it will be around. For example, it would be awesome if 360 had a game like Heavy Rain. Because that would mean more Heavy Rains are coming out...Get it?

Alluding to KB's speech this E3, I guess I'm saying I plan to sleep with everybody's girlfriend this console generation.

ECM0NEY3294d ago

Cheaper for 1 player but not for 2 players.

Im just stating fact. Im not buying any motion controls for either of my consoles.

PostApocalyptic3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )


I see that someone beat me to the punch. But the whole "wow factor" was one of the reasons that when Natal was first announced got better press than the PS3 Move. But what we're seeing now is the limitations of the 360 hardware and what MS wants the technology to do in a practical sense.

The Wii was $250 and because of that allowed the average Joe to risk buying a motion based game console that wasn't as accurate as advertised; at least he didn't break the bank. WIth the 360, you have to put down $300 + $150 for the Kinect camera = $450. Not really the same price range as the Wii "casuals." Plus there's a learning curve on what games actually use it well vs just average. All this for a premium price. If MS plans on selling Kinect to the established fanbase, well that kind of defeats the purpose of the "Wow factor" now does it!

Sony is taking the Wii model and improving it to the HD/PS3 hardware level and adding more versatility while at the same time allowing for simple controls to be used as well (one button and point). The learning curve is low since millions of Wii customers already know a general way to use motion controls. Thanks Nintendo!

Any lasting "wow factor" that casuals get will be quickly dashed when they bring it home and actually have to use it much less any hardcore gamers (who are even more critical).

moparful993293d ago

Kinect itself might sell like crack in a whore house but when people get this and start playing the lackluster games then software sales will plummet and the device will fail... It doesnt matter if you sell 1 billion units of a device if there arent games that people want to play then it makes no difference... Notice how the only games that sell a bazillion copies on the wii are nintendo first party titles... Nothing else comes close...

frostypants3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

"Bottom line: Kinect doesn't have to be the perfect controller. It's not MADE for us. It's made for the "casuals." And it will sell by the millions."

Only if it can show something that looks better than what's on the Wii. Haven't seen it, yet.

And let's be real here: "Wii" is a household name. "Kinect" is not. To the casuals, Kinect isn't even on their radar, and unless Microsoft does some vastly improved marketing, it never will be.

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ThanatosDMC3294d ago

Embarrassing to work on that booth... i feel bad for her.

visualb3293d ago

she says something about "hey I warned you guys" - so embarrassing...and then right after that the guy walks away incredulous

very bad news =S I guess kinect isn't for FPS.