The Killzone 3 beta entry race starts tomorrow

CVG: So it's all going to go berserk tomorrow (October 13) at 8pm UK time on the PS Store. That's the time Sony will release a Killzone 3 theme that will also grant Killzone 3 beta access to the first 10,000 PS Plus subscribers that download it.


The theme will be downloadable from the PSN today

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Hellsvacancy3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I hope 2 "God" (not that i belive there is 1) that its game-shareable, ill hav 2 chances of gettin in if so WOOOHOOOO

I bought 3 months + so i aint a cheap skate, but it ran out the other week, my best mate bought 12-months so he said "just download wot-ever off me buddy" so i thats what ive been doin

Terarmzar3287d ago

haha u 2 i did the same thing on my ps3

redDevil873287d ago

I don't think its game shareable. I tried that with Modnation with my mate. He managed to play for an hour then they blocked him from playing.

farrelljade3287d ago

looks like the psn network will be crashed from 8.01pm tonight!!

ddurand13287d ago

I wish they had just let it be PS+ exclusive. this hoping to get in shit is stupid.

T9X693287d ago

Yay a race to download a theme which lets you test a game. How fucking lame, there better be other opportunities. The ways beta tests are being distributed nowadays is just pathetic. Like our Facebook, follow us on Twitter, download this theme, etc. What happen to sign up and if you meet the requirements you had a chance to test it?

Nitrowolf23287d ago

i am sure there will be other ways to get it. Like assassin creed Beta was only for selected Plus now its open to all plus member. And really? I signed up fro dead Space 2 beta just a while ago and got in.

T9X693287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Yea but the AC2 beta you could pre-order at Gamestop and get a code anyway, it was more of a open beta than KZ3 is. What do you mean "And really", all I did was like their Facebook page and they sent me a code, and I don't even like Dead Space. Not a good strategy if you want the right people to test your game, luckily I had a friend who is in love with Dead Space so I gave it to him.

@Trounbyfire - I never had that problem :/

I forget how I got into the BC2 beta, I think EA emailed me, but I don't remember. MOH was easy as hell, I had about 30 codes for that, and gave them away to my friends and over Twitter. MAG was easy as well, I had about 10 codes and gave them all away since I got mine through Qore. I'm really hoping to get in the KZ3 beta if there is other opportunities, but we will see. I'm really hoping for a SOCOM 4 beta, I need to know if it has the classic SOCOM feel to it, it bugging the hell out of me :(

trounbyfire3287d ago

10 sites only to find out the codes the have don't work.
i got in BC2, MOH, mag Betas so i hope i can continue my FPS luck

no dead space or AC BH beta though but i want KZ more

trounbyfire3287d ago

but don't have + so i will be glued to the pc with DS3 in hand. practicing to type super fast.

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The story is too old to be commented.