Console Redesigns Good Idea?

PlatFormNation: After so many years playing videogames I know hardware is the heart of the industry and subject to constant transformation. These changes are product of constant technological advance and development as they lead to wonderful things as implementation of Wi-Fi technology or bigger HDD’s. I’m grateful the industry is constantly evolving and we are given the best possible technology for a “reasonable” price, but the current console generation has almost abused this, giving as a result more than 3 different models of almost every console able to this day. What’s causing it?

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IRetrouk3291d ago

if it passes savings on to us, the gamers then why not?

Mmmkay3290d ago

i hate the fact that games like fifa 11 has lag in single player on the ps3 slim, but not the old models.. just proves that something is wrong....

Quagmire3290d ago

Yes. Unless your Nintendo. They go overboard.