Watch How You'll Watch TV on Xbox 360 U-verse

Joystiq: AT&T's demonstration video for the Xbox 360 U-Verse service (after the break) gives us a better idea of how the service works.

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Serjikal_Strike3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

worst phone/tv/cable company ever.....

but on you really now want to have your 360 on to watch TV?

anyone here see a problem with overheating from watching hrs of tv then play hrs of games without letting it cooldown?

and on top of that...more hardware to buy...haha


saint_john_paul_ii3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

well other than the flaws that you presented, its acutally cool that this is happening. I wish this was on the PS3 but with another service.

why? well, having one device do everything is better than having a clutter of devices on your set.

whats cool about this is that its IPTV. Live TV via Internet. one step closer till the internet becomes the way we watch our media.

kaveti66163296d ago

If this service was on PS3, I can already imagine the droves of people posting comments like, "PS3: It only DOES everything."

Microsoft is actually trying to make the 360 a good media hub, but all they get is criticism for people like you.

They cannot win. You're mind is fucked.

StanLee3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Dude, I've learnt to worry less and reply more infrequently to those kinds of comments on The continued strong performance of the XBox 360 console and its software show that the detractors are the minority. However, they're the majority of internet trolls. This is pretty freaking cool.

@ Serjikal_Strike

I live in New York and I've had AT&T for 6 years without incident with great quality service. How does AT&T suck other than changing names like 50 times in the last 6 years.

WLPowell3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Why would I want to turn on my 360 to do something I can do on my TV without having to turn on my 360 in the first place for? How about an internet browser instead?

ukilnme3296d ago

Your words are 100% correct.

kaveti66163296d ago


Why would you want to turn on your PS3 to surf the web using a crappy, awkward browser when you can surf the web on firefox or google chrome?

I have a PS3. The browser is not at all a positive aspect of the console.

8thnightvolley3296d ago

this is great news for the 360 now americans have the equvalent of sky there with tv and even more functionality with the recorded programmes, p.s bro dont listen to the fannies.. we knw if ps3 had this we would not hear a single word let those who cant be mature about something good wallow in their self pity and denial ..

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tplarkin73296d ago

I don't have cable TV by choice. I've been using Netflix regularly. In between Netflix and Zune videos, I play games. My 360 is always on with no problems.

Hokulani3296d ago

Xbox is forever trying to improve services for us users, give them props for trying!

Zachmo1823296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Remember dude this is for the 360. Anything 360 related CAN not be cheered upon or praised.... I'm assuming you haven't read sony's official fanboy guide book the do's and don't of being a fanyboy...It's quite an interesting read! You can find it on ebay.

divideby03296d ago

all MS is doing is adding features, USELESS for gaming which are free on our TV widgets, cable box, and our HTPC and the PS3... hence they justify to themselves to not only continue to charge for online gaming, but raise the price of live

I am a day one Charter gold member, which many can not say around here and I am off that bandwagon when present sub runs out.. I want to play games for FREE not useless non gaming features

8thnightvolley3296d ago

says the guy with the ps3 that has a browser..

read the memo, MS said this and so did sony we are making a machine that is an "entertainment medium" not just a gaming platform so be it karaoke, fitness, gameing, tv, what ever it will be done with one box... it only makes life easier for everyone and keeps my living room less crowded and good business sense.. for any of the console makers..

Moonboots3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Why do you even have a 360 you obviously hate it. I've just read through a couple pages of your comments and besides one "I think Kinect could be interesting technology" you have done nothing but hate on it.

That is fine and your choice but not sure how much complaining and hating I can read from you before ignoring your opinion completely on the 360. It seems they do nothing right for you. Did you buy one just to bitch about it?

Just curious.. Not attacking you or anything.

theonlylolking3296d ago

Why would I want this if I have to be gold member and pay for at&t? I could just go to hulu or more tv and watch stuff.

Active Reload3296d ago

You don't have to want this. You can continue being a silver member and continue doing what your last sentence implies. I'm sure neiter one of us really had to type a comment for this resolution did we?

On topic, I don't have this service in my area, but having more options is never a bad it?

Moonboots3296d ago

Hulu and More TV are not live TV.

Hulu can take days to get a current EP online.

I like it but it is not the same as having Live TV.

DoctorXpro3296d ago

wait....... where is the RROD comments?

SKUD3296d ago

Its common knowledge now.

GoldPS33296d ago

360 can have AT&T. I want Google TV. Hope Sony announce it next month.

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